B L E N D I N | T H E U R B A N W A R R I O R V O L. III

A cooperation between RedWolf Airsoft and AMNB. We thought it´s yet again time to bring you guys another loadout to our Gear Gallery. As PMC loadouts are still from interest and a lot of readers from our community like it, we bring you Vol.III of our “Urban Warrior” Series.

Urban Warrior Loadout

This Loadout actually wasn´t planned as a “Gear Gallery” presentation. I saw one pic of those on my buddies “Marck from RWTV” FB page as a promotion for the SIG AIR MCX video review (which you can watch here) and I thought: that looks nice, let´s do a quick Gear Gallery of it.

Of course, there are many ways to create a “PMC” loadout and the taste from people out there is different. This is just one way to go with or to start from. If you agree, this gear presentation is for you and we hope you enjoy it!

Full kit list below to gear up right away. Cheers


Gun Accessories:




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