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Founder, Manager

Chris is the Manager & Founder of the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog. He is responsible for product news, presentations, reviews and advertisement. Any questions? Drop him a mail or get in contact with him via social media.


Editor (News & Social Media)

Rick is a Private Security with 14 years on the Job and a vast interest in EDC and Survivalism. Rick had three years of experience writing for other publications from blogs to a online magazine before joining the AMNB team on August 2014. At Airsoft & MilSim News Blog he is a News Editor for Tactical Gear, Accessories, Firearms, Knives.


Website Engineer, Editor (Reviews & Specials)

Seasoned competitive shooter with a knack for trying to do everything at the same time. A very knowledgeable reviewer who knows his way around both tech and firearms. Arius is a do it all or nothing kind of guy who loves interviewing people as much as he likes shooting alongside them.


Writer (News, Videos & Interviews)

Paul is playing Airsoft for over 7 years and is one of the founders of Serbian Airsoft Federation. He is also a board member for 3 years now. He is working as a video editor and producer.