The 80’s are calling, they want their clothing back!

But I said; not this time, not this time haha! Man, I had fun shooting this I tell you!! To me, it’s a must that sometimes you make sure that you don’t take yourself too serious. So I decided to please myself with this 80’s jogger kit while adding some modern tools to it (in regards to the armory, Nods and brain bucket).

The idea actually came during this years carnival season I used the 80’s jogger to run around with. Can you feel the vibe…

If you’re into this kind of madness as well, I have to tell you “I f*cking love you for being crazy” and I hope that I could help you out with an idea building another one your way too. I bet, you find good use for a kit like this during the year at some point and people will start smiling at you once you show up on scene.

Make others happy with your craziness, even if they don’t tell,… they appreciate it!

If you do, do me a favor and send us at AMNB a picture, we would be happy to post it up on our socials for you to put a smile on other addicted players as well. ENJOY!

email to:

80s Street Fighter Kit


  • 80’s jogger of your choice
  • Pair of old school Nikes (or what you prefer)
  • Bambi Safari Shirt (cause you’re on a hunt) here
  • Wrist and forehead sweatbands (color needs to be neon)
  • Sunglasses – take two (just in case you loose one in the heat of the fight!)
  • Extravaganza jewelry such as an gold chain you know (bling, bling all the things)
  • MC Black fanny pack here
  • Thirty Seconds Out Skull Crusher Patch here
  • PTS MTEK Helmet here
  • MOHOC Camera (you need to record the action)
  • RNVG Nods (cause we fight at night) get yours from LUNOX
  • CADEX Dovetail Flip Up Low Profile Mount from LUNOX
  • DEFTEX HAC – Helmet Accessories Carrier here
  • RWA EXA Pistol with Airsoft Artisan SF Style Rayder Silencer
  • MP7A1 GBBR with HK Silencer and Glasbreaker up front (you need that sh*t)
  • D-BAL A2 (to enable the lightsaber mode) here
  • Trijicon MRO
  • SureFire Scout Light here


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