Constructed for Nasty Weather – The Hunter Sweater Gen.2

GEAR UP FOR THE COLD – Icy wind, constant drizzly and unpredictable weather? We think it´s the right time in the year to look for those extra layers to add to your clothing system as it gets significantly colder outside. So why you don´t treat yourself with an updated garment from the smithy of UF PRO called Hunter Sweater Gen.2 which is probably the one that fits your needs.

This Jacket is right at home in the named conditions above. Protects you against the elements, dries extremely fast thanks to a great material mix, and packs away so easily, you’ll want it with you at all times.

This already existing product in the line-up at UF PRO got an update earlier this year to Gen.2 to make it even better and more comfortable for your needs. But what is it all about? Just a Sweater like any other? We already took a look at the Gen1 some time ago so here´s our spotlight video for your reference to get to know the features.



Let´s dive into the Gen.2 now to check what the key differences are to what you just saw in the video. The current material mix between the COCONA Inc. 37,5 microfleece and polyester/polyamide has proven itself to be very effective and comfortable. No changes here at all. This two-layer windproof and water-repellent face fabric, lined with the microfleece supports you to stay warm and try during your activities.


The first update that stands out clearly visible are the Velcro covered pockets on the upper sleeve. The Hunter Sweater now also follows the new Striker concept (including the small pull flaps on top of each). These give you the ability to add personal identification patches if needed. The Velcro cover also offers a slot in the center between the Velcro & pocket where you´re able to store a pen for direct access in case you need one quick. Other items like a small chemlight or a thorax decompression needle if you´re medic fit just right.

Following the sleeve towards the hand, the lower arm pocket stays the same as before, but another improvement can be seen on the ending of the sleeve. The Gen.2 got the old cuffs replaced with more flexible and wide opening elastic once, using the Shoeller Stretch material as seen on the tactical pants too.

I personally appreciate this small feature a lot because it supports you much better while you slip in/out as well to provide an easy access to your watch or other small items (GPS devices etc.) you wear around your wrist.


Looking at the sides or to be more accurate the side panels at the torso, UF PRO gave the COCONA microfleece (which ensure you don’t overheat when you are active, providing you with enough breathability to keep your core temperature at an optimal level) an additional protection outer layer. The so called “abrasion-resistant side panels” made out of nylon mesh material.

Due to this new feature, you don’t need to worry about damaging the COCONA material while wearing your backpack or a plate carrier since it offers extreme abrasion resistance and so a longer lifetime.


What´s so special about this fabric I talked a lot already? Here are some facts you might be interested to learn about:

The 37,5™ microfleece is a fast drying and comfortable moisture fleece that offers a high level of comfort during outdoor- and or sports activities. It helps to control your core temperature.

By actively responding to body heat, the particles use this energy from the body to accelerate the vapor movement and speed up the conversion of liquid to vapor, significantly increasing drying rates. This means the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes—and the more comfortable the microclimate remains.

Not only do these active particles provide 800% more surface area to the fiber, they also provide a unique driving force to remove moisture vapor unlike any other technology.

If you want to learn even more about the fabric and technology, I suggest you to follow this link: to their website. It´s worth to check out if you really want to understand this kind of technology that helps you to make your day on the job an easy day. At least, regarding the clothing.


As I run several of UF PROs clothing garments, I know my size and so what fits me best. That means, for their tops I´m a Large kinda guy. UF PRO designs most of their jackets/shirts in a sports-body shape style what means, they fit much tighter as a sweater you know from the fashion industry so make sure you really measure all important areas on your upper body before ordering.

As the Sweater is not designed to be worn next to your skin, because it´s a sweater – you should have some space left to add layers underneath like (Level 1, 2 or Level 3.). If you´re measured result is tight for example to a Large one, go with an Extra Large to get a bit more room underneath.

Like the previous generation, the Gen.2 is lightweight, low bulk and fits easy into your backpack, meaning you can bring it with you anytime you go outdoors. Once rolled up, it takes just as much space as a bottle of water and that´s not much.


Primary designed to be worn when it´s too cold for a combat shirt or any other light garment but still too warm for typical cold weather clothing, the Hunter Sweater Gen.2 is exactly what you need for your activities in these uncertain weather conditions. You can call it an all-rounder regarding its field of application.

Thanks to its perfect material mix and fast drying feature, the transport of hot air from the inside through the breathable material, will keep your body temperature straight and yourself try so you don´t have to worry about feeling like a wet sponge.

The Hunter Sweater has clearly become one of my favorite add-on clothing garments for outdoor activities whether I go to the range, trainings, events, hiking or just walking around in the city. This is a product that I can highly recommend to anybody as an additional layer.

SIDE NOTE: If you like to have it with a full front zipper – look for the Hunter FZ Gen.2 Jacket.

Both products are available from our partner Triple Action who also provided the Sweater for testing. Make sure you check their full line-up of UF PRO clothing too if you want to gear up with the good stuff even more.

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