2 Germans & a Brit all walk into a bar and the result isn’t a corny joke. It’s the SturmGFAL!

Daveยดs Custom Airsoft did a thing,… again! And what a build theyยดve came up with. Read the facts and think fast if you want it for Christmas…

Combining the popular G3 and Sturmgewehr with the iconic SLR sounds like madness, but with this build it works brilliantly. The stock of the SturmGFAL has been salvaged off a STG-44 and rounded off to offer the user greater comfort when aiming the rifle.

The wooden hand gaurd from an Ares SLR has been crafted to look like its original self but perform like a regular G3 handguard, meaning it is 1 piece and combined with the G3 handguard mounting bracket, the original push pin allows the handguard to be added and removed, there is no wobble from the handguard.

The SturmGFAL not only boasts superb externals but excellent internals to match, with an Action Army Infinity R450000 motor, SHS 13:1 gear Set, Full Metal Teeth Piston, SHS M90 spring and a GATE TITAN Advdanced V2 Mosfet to offer you excellent trigger response. With 0.20g BBs the SturmGFAL shoots at 330 FPS but with a rate of fire that will make all mag dumpers blush, your shots are going to be felt.

The SturmGFAL is a gun you want for your collection as once it’s gone, IT’S GONE, it is a skirmish ready weapon for anyone man enough to carry the steel!

Only one piece is available so if you really want it, get it now!!

Grab it here >> www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/DCA-SturmGFAL

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