Part 1 – Beginner

The Beginner build features what could be considered the bare minimum for someone who is new to WMLs. A light, a mount, and a clicky tailcap. Very straightforward, but still with a ton of options that can be used to better fit the user’s specific needs and wants.

MODLITE Rifle Builder Guide

Some things to consider here:
  • Mounting will be dependent on being able to reach the tailcap with the support hand for light activation, which can be a bit limiting.
  • Mounting a light further back on the handguard increases the amount of light deflection off the handguard and/or “Suppressor Shadow.”
  • This is not to be considered the only way to setup a WML, we are simply sharing some examples to help folks better understand their options!

Let us know in the comments below any tips and tricks you used when you setup your first WML!

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