An advanced multi-light source for your helmet

With the introduction of fire back in the stoneage era, things changed a lot for humans. Not only they could get themselves warm and cook, fight animals and protect themselves, they also found out that fire provides a decent amount of “light” when night falls and they could light up their caves with it. Must be an overwhelming feeling back then.

As we as humans always drive forward to improve things and make them better, fire and light, the ways how we use it bad or good has been perfected since these days our ancestors first learned about it. Imagine telling them that ages later, we’re able to put light in a portable package you could turn on and off when you need it that’s just the size of an egg or even smaller! They would call you a demon instead and stone you to death… but enough about history, let’s get into it shall we?


The NEXTORCH rStar tactical helmet light stands as a vital piece of equipment for military and law enforcement operatives requiring varied light sources while on missions, designed to enhance visibility and identification in the field, featuring a 4-color main light source including white, red, green, and IR and it’s easy to install in no time.


Versatile Light Options for Tactical Superiority: The white light mode offers an 80-lumen beam that extends up to 10 meters, perfect for immediate area illumination. The red and green lights serve well for preserving night vision, signaling, or reading in low-light environments. The IR light mode is essential for operations requiring infrared visibility without detection.


Identification and Safety Features: With the IFF beacon, team members can quickly identify friend from foe, a critical feature in high-stakes environments. This beacon, alongside the robust IPX4 water-resistant and 2-meter impact-resistant construction, ensures the rStar can withstand the rigors of intense operational use.

User-Focused Operation: Designed with three independent switches, the rStar allows for effortless operation and transition between lighting modes. This intuitive interface ensures that users can adjust their lighting without distraction or delay.


Adaptable and Ergonomic: The rStar’s universal rod lighting system provides flexibility in directing the light where it’s needed, enhancing the user’s ability to perform tasks hands-free. Weighing in at just 50 grams without the battery and with dimensions that maintain helmet balance, the rStar is crafted to provide powerful lighting without burdening the wearer.

Strategic Accessory Compatibility: Ready to mount on various tactical helmets and vests, the rStar comes with several accessories that promote adaptability and are easy to integrate with standard equipment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Modes: White – Red – Green – IR – IFF Beacon
  • Max Lumens: 80 lumens
  • Max Runtime: 38 hours on low
  • Max Beam Distance: 10 meters
  • Max Intensity: 40 candela
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Impact Resistance: 2 meters
  • Battery: Uses one AA Alkaline or a 1.5V Li-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 133 mm x 30 mm x 41 mm
  • Weight: 50 g (excluding battery)

The NEXTORCH rStar is an essential tool that provides dynamic lighting solutions for tactical personnel, offering not just illumination, but also safety and operational efficiency in one compact, rugged package that is read to roll in the field for your tactical light needs.

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