Getting your “Glockish” pistol optics-ready!

We all (ok, almost all) love to run red dots on our handguns. Why? because it looks cool, we like electronic parts on our guns, and it actually helps to pick-up targets much faster as some say. As we airsofters who love the Glock platform of handguns still miss a “MOS” version from UMAREX/VFC to hit the market, we need to find options to run red dots on our beloved Glock because; “there’s no such thing as an airsoft Glock”! as you may remember from the past…

RWA Glock Red Dot Plate

Aftermarket parts such as slide sets and more are already available offering red dot plate cut-outs and so on, but today we’re putting a spotlight at the new RWA Glock Red Dot Plate which is an easy replacement part for your stock VFC made Glock or like in our example, the EXA pistol also made from RWA which features the Glock style footprint.

RWA Glock Red Dot Plate

As I’m a Glock addicted person, I tried various different plates to fit on my Glocks to run an RMR or SRO style optic for example. I mostly ended up returning to my irons sights as it turned out to bulky, did not hold well or simple, it just did not look good!

The RWA Glock Red Dot Plate closes this gap very well in my opinion as it does not come with the issues as named above. It’s designed to fit slim and classy right onto your slide by only adding necessary weight and bulk as it’s CNC machined and aluminum constructed. It comes with a screw set included to help you fit red dots as named above (or those featuring the same footprint) just right as well raised iron sights are already included into the set.

Notable here is that the rear sight is fixed on the plate itself and does not need any installation work at all. These sights are designed to be able to co-witness with any optic that is mounted on the plate. One small issue from my point of view, the irons do miss some indicators (they are just black) to pick up targets under low-light conditions much faster. That could be a nice featured just in case the red dot quits its duty and you need to get the shot done quicker.

But that’s just me thinking loud about future improvements…

RWA Glock Red Dot Plate

To get all in place, disassemble the gun, remove the original sights, slide the RWA Glock Red Dot Plate into the rear section, screw it in tight carefully, add your preferred red dot on top, replace the front sight on the slide, put all back together and et voilà, you’re ready to rock your red dot ready gun!

Installation issues you ask? I installed the plate onto my EXA as well on my VFC/UMAREX Glock 19X, 45 and 17 Gen4 and had zero issues with it! Of course, there are fabrication tolerances and you may have to face small issues on your Glock. But hey, I bet you know how to fix these “small issues yourself”!

RWA Glock Red Dot Plate


  • Umarex (Elite Force) Glock Series Gas Airsoft Pistols (By VFC) (Except Glock 42)
  • RWA Agency Arms EXA Series
  • Red Dot Optics with RMR Footprint

Alright, that’s it! Any questions? Drop them in the comments below or head right over to Redwolf Airsoft and get yours to upgrade your airsoft Glock to be future red dot ready.

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