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When it comes down to “Brain Buckets” which protect your head from being hit, you should only trust the best system available on the market (fancy looks aside!). Is the SCHUBERTH M100 the system you should look for in 2024? You find that out in this article so, be our guest and enjoy the read.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet


The SCHUBERTH M100 is a modern combat helmet with above average wearing comfort and a high level of ballistic protection. Due to its rail system with open architecture and its adjustable interior, it offers excellent performance on the battlefield. An over average proportion of shared parts across all sizes and optimized maintainability guarantee low life cycle costs and a significant degree of sustainability.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet

The challenges facing a modern combat helmet have changed fundamentally. In addition to requirements that have remained static, such as the broad spectrum of use, ease of repair and cost efficiency, core aspects such as protection, wearing comfort and compatibility with a wide range of existing and future peripheral devices have evolved rapidly. The shortened technology cycles pose another challenge to future use. All these factors need to be considered today to provide smooth adaptability and avoidance of obsolescence throughout the life cycle.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet

The SCHUBERTH M100 conception of interior design follows a new approach. In addition to a wide range of sizes and a variety of head shapes, permanent use with a combined hearing protection/ communication headset must also be considered to ensure that the user’s health and safety is guaranteed, as well as the the ability to communicate over a long period of time without interferences. It should also be emphasized that a desired high level of wearing comfort is a significant contribution to broad user acceptance and satisfaction. Finally, an above-average share of common parts across all sizes as well as optimized maintainability ensure low life cycle costs and reduced logistical effort.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet


The helmet shell consists of an advanced aramid composite with an optimized resin system and is a base that offers potential for further development and capability enhancement throughout the product life cycle. The current version is already oriented towards the high fragmentation protection of an HPPE helmet without disadvantages such as reduced trauma protection and temperature sensitivity, low service life, as well as high costs and complex repair. Additionally, the M100 features fully ballistic screws and therefore allow the integration of a rail system that can be.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet
  • Material: Aramid based composite
  • Weight of full cut shell including interior, NVG-shroud andrails Shell size II (XL): 1585 g
  • Shell sizes: 4 different shell sizes
  • Ballistic protection:
    • NIJ IIIA/ VPAM 2 (except helmet rim)
    • STANAG 2920 V50: 690 m/s
  • Shock absorption compliant to the following norms:
    • Mountaineering helmet EN 12492
    • White water helmet EN 1385
    • Industrial Safety EN 397 (< 6000 N)
SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet


An EPP-based layer offers a high degree of shock absorption paired with a reduction of dynamic bulging in the event of bullet impact resulting in a very low trauma value. In addition, the long durability and high temperature resistance contribute to cost reduction and ease of logistics.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet

The ergonomic approach to the inner lining was based on one of the biggest surveys ever conducted to determine different head sizes and relevant parameters to secure superior fitting. The specially designed split head ring is designed to be compatible with all communication solutions (Peltor, Invisio MSA, Sordin) without the need to remove pads from the helmet. The wide range of available sizes is setting a new industry standard by exceeding most of the competitors’ options.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet

The two separate head ring parts act independently and allow the highest degree of customization available to fit extreme shapes like the completely round or very oval and high heads. The integrated net ensures superior ventilation while the new adaptable pad system will always remain in the helmet shell reducing the likelihood of loss.

The strap is designed with a unique concept that allows the communication systems to be enclosed by the strap and not displaced, regardless of any movement.

Helmet shell sizes:

Helmet shell

  • I
  • II
  • III
  • IV

Head size

  • 52 – 58 (S-M)
  • 57 – 61 (M-XL)
  • 60 – 64 (XL-XXL)
  • 62 – 66 (XXL-XXXL)

Due to the holistic approach of the helmet system, trauma reduction can be achieved in the technologically closely coordinated combination of hard-ballistic protection and interior equipment while providing a superior fit. This results in a limited back face trauma that even exceeds the harsh requirements of VPAM 2 by not only staying significantly under the mandatory level of 25 J but not even exceeding 7,1 J in general.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet


The SCHUBERTH M100 modular rail system consists of two side rails, one rear rail, and the night vision device mount. The weight- reduced rail parts are one size fits all independently from the shell size, thus facilitating ease of repair and spare parts logistics.

During the development of the rail system, special emphasis was placed on compatibility with commercially available accessories to be able to continue using the equipment already procured. Furthermore, new SCHUBERTH Enhanced Connection Devices (ECD) were created, to connect additional accessories and to keep the few slots free in the best possible way.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet

These interfaces act as a low-profile, click in cable guide and can be used to add artificial camouflage, camouflage cover or rubber bands to attach or mount further devices. By creating the SCHUBERTH EDC an open source and royalty free connection is available for future projects to lock into the rails, with limited cost and a wide range of options available to be developed.

The side rails furthermore provide the connection for devices already in use, such as earmuffs, lights, or protective goggles but the number of connections for protective goggles and oxygen masks is doubled so that both can be used in parallel. The energy supply in the form of battery packs, counterweights, or other devices such as the digital compass can be quickly mounted on the rear rail.


The M100 ist available as High, Mid and Full Cut to fulfill the operator needs on the modern battlefield.

SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet

If this got your interest, the M100 is available on the civilian market as well via Recon Company. Start well protected into the 2024 season and run the future in head protection with the SCHUBERTH M100 combat helmet!

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