Is it worth to upgrade your SCAR with?

In my opinion, PTS proved once again to be one of the top manufacturers when it comes down to licensed airsoft products such as the Kinetic SCAR MREX M-LOK MK2 Rail. Build quality and overall look as well performance is what you expect from such products and PTS does no other than make dreams for airsoft players come true!

Check out the key features from this rail and why you should get one for your SCAR as well below, while you hopefully enjoy the read!

PTS Kinetic SCAR MREX Rail


The Legendary MREX, upgraded to the MK2 version, has served the shooting and special operations community since 2014 already. The MK2 is offered in three different lengths: 6.5, 4.25, and 2.2 inches, signifying the length the MREX MK2 extends beyond the SCAR receiver.

Unfortunately, the airsoft replica is only available in the 2,2″ and 4,25″ inch version at the moment. The MK2 features M-LOK on all sides on the rail, a flat bottom and virtually no addition in weight while allowing for more mounting options and a smoother, more ergonomic grip.

PTS Kinetic SCAR MREX Rail

The Kinetic MREX™ Modular Receiver Extension is designed to be simple, durable, and lightweight. The slim profile of the MREX greatly improves the aesthetic of the SCAR by giving it a long sleek profile.

Its extended rail length in front of the front sight/gas block increases the rifle’s modularity by increasing the real estate for accessory attachments as well as improves ergonomics by better accommodating the modern forward support hand rifle hold and improving the overall rifle’s balance.

PTS Kinetic SCAR MREX Rail

The MREX’s one piece construction also ensures maximum durability without any significant weight penalty. The replica is made out of 6000 Series Aluminum, it’s available in Black and Dark Earth, comes at a weight of 152g (approx.) for the 2.2″ and 192g (approx.) for the 4.25″ version which is not significantly higher I would say.

Talking about dimensions really quick:

  • 2.2″ MREX232 (L) x 55 (W) x 54 (H) mm
  • 4.25″ MREX 284 (L) x 55 (W) x 54 (H) mm
PTS Kinetic SCAR MREX Rail

If we compare the MK2 4.25″ with the older 4.9” version (the one to the left), M-LOK slots are present in more locations as it has been added to the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock position as a new mounting location and as a shield from the gas block it self.

What is noticeable here is the color finish of the “FDE” or “Dark Earth” how PTS calls it has changed a bit. To be honest, I go with the older one a little bit more, but as the saying goes; 50 shades of FDE… so you decide!

The MK2 2.2” MREX is ideal for use with 10” SBR configurations, or any SCAR user, looking to add M-LOK to their rifle without having a rail that extends beyond the gas block and adds to much unnecessary weight.


  • Cyber Gun SCAR-H (GBB)
  • VFC SCAR-H (AEG & GBB) / L (AEG)
  • Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock SCAR-H / L
Image: Schuberth GmbH, BU Military & Law Enforcement


Going back to the question I asked YOU right at beginning of this article as seen from my perspective; YES, it is! the PTS Kinetic SCAR MREX M-LOK MK2 Rail system is a benefit for any SCAR user that likes to have a modern, slim and handy designed rail that also improves the overall grip and performance, as well possibilities to mount rifle accessories without getting your boomstick to bulky. Less is more!

Grab yours from your local PTS Syndicate dealer or head right over to their website and get it there!

For more details, please visit PTS:

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