Carry Easy, See Farther!

The SureFire PLR-C takes the proven Stiletto concept to new performance levels. Its dual-optic head provides tremendous long distance illumination without sacrificing peripherallighting. giving you the best of both worlds in a sleek & slim EDC flashlight
that fits in any pocket.

SureFire Stiletto Pro II

The SureFire Stiletto Pro II retains the slim profile of the Stiletto Series while packing more candela to help you see farther into the dark.

SureFire Stiletto Pro II

The Stiletto Pro II fits comfortably in any pocket and can be drawn and activated with ease. Its twin Hybrid Beam optics deliver 1,500 lumens with a comparatively brighter centralized beam pattern that throws light extended distances.

SureFire Stiletto Pro II


  • The Stiletto that punched deep into darkness
  • Dual optics provide 35,000 candela for long-distance illumination
  • Three selectable, programmable settings with 1,500 lumens of Hybrid Beam performance on high output
  • Sleek, slim aerospace aluminum body ensures easy concealment and maximum durability

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