black ops 2 coverSecond Black Ops series from the kitchen of the Border War Crew fully kicked off the new scenario of the Border War 6 MILSIM coming in 2014. The highly physically demanding operation brought participants in to the scenario inspired by south American drug wars. Guerilla troops supported by the Narco cartel clashed with the governmental marine units which came to the region to rescue POWs. Terrain was very demanding mainly because of the steep hills, ruins, debris, caves and rocks.

Scenario took nonstop 36 hours during day and night. Participants haven’t slept more than 4-5 hours during the event as the objectives to fulfill required very intensive involvement of the players. Border War Black Ops Series are together with Border War Spec Ops – hard core MILSIM games, where participants have to carry all equipment with them for duration of the game and objectives are based upon high endurance special operations missions during day and night. Black Ops 2 – The Virgin Queen introduced 3 new games sides for the upcoming Border War MILSIM in 2014 – The elite Pantheros Guerrilla units, The Cartel and paramilitary units of MSDF (Merangan Self Defence Forces). Event was attended by participants from Finland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic and hosted in Ralsko formal military area. For more information about the Black Ops and the upcoming Border War 6 don’t hesitate to visit


Scenario resume:

Minacuan Marines have received a May Day call from an escaped POW who was captured some time ago after guerilla forces destroyed one of the Marine platoons in the jungles. Prisoner escaped guerrilla POW camp and used first option to contact its fellow soldiers. Rescue party arrived on the midnight and immediately started working on the steps towards the rescue. Territory recce reveled several drug fields and presence of unexpected large cartel forces smuggling narcotics from a hidden laboratory towards the guerilla camp. Several attempts were made to discover the cartel hideout and laboratory but were not successful. Guerilla forces helped cartel to defend the plantations in order to protect its income for the revolution from the drug money. Sergeant Gonzales – escaped POW, find out his way to the mortar position where he was captured in the battle few weeks ago. Marines pushed hard on the guerillas to get the mortar back to their hands but were not successful as guerilla resistance was very high. Gonzales managed to find a group of guerillas transporting the forgotten mortar somewhere to the jungles and thrown himself against the guerilla convoy to make the last attempt to save the artillery piece not falling to the enemy hands. Unfortunately this appeared shortly as a suicidal mission. After shooting down few of the guerillas he soon became surrounded and outnumbered by the partisans and shot dead. Marine rescue party arrived on the spot late, seen the evidence of the firefight but never found his body. Marines managed to find drug fields in some of the jungle areas and cleared them with pesticides. Several drug convoys were also tracked and ambushed. During the second night Marines managed to cut out guerilla reinforcements by blowing out the local bridge, preparing a good basis for the morning attack. In the same time guerillas managed to call in ammo resupply by the glider planes from nearby guerilla base on the mountain. Marines launched a direct assault on guerilla POW camp on Sunday morning and for 5 hours made many attempts to push out guerillas from their fortress in the old monastery. Cartel supported the guerilla defence as well. MDSF paramilitaries managed to support marine operation and also took evidence of the cartel crimes in the church area before cartel cover. End of the game at 12:30: ended the operation with revolution flag still above the guerilla HQ.

We would like to thank everybody for super and fair game and we would especially like to thank our Finish friends Heiki and Joonas from Oulu, for supporting us in finding the lost ammo crate after game in the cave area.

Border War 6 The Sunseeker 2014

Registration starts on October the 6th. Storyboard is already online at the website for you guys! Check it out…here!



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