ANVIS goggles have been used by SOF operators on the ground for a long time because of their superior optics. ANVIS systems were originally designed for pilots and aircrew with specialized helmets that had brackets to accept the remote battery pack for the goggles. Unfortunately, such brackets are not available on infantry ballistic helmets, causing operators to have to fashion Velcro and 100mph tape solutions to secure the battery packs for their prized ANVIS goggles.



The First Spear ANVIS Battery Pouch is specifically designed to hold the ANVIS Battery Pack and other remote packs such as the Adams Industries Ground Warrior Battery Pack, this pouch attaches to the back of any helmet via Velcro. The entire back is covered in hook so it easily interfaces with helmet covers or glued-on pile tape. Color-matched Pile Tape faces outward on the top flaps for easy attachment of IFF devices and patches. The inside includes a separate Velcro pocket for securing excess cabling.



No longer will you have to worry about adhesive-backed Velcro coming loose on your ANVIS Battery Pack, dumping it from your helmet in the middle of a mission. The First Spear ANVIS Battery Pouch also helps to secure and protect the otherwise exposed battery doors on the legacy ANVIS battery packs!

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