The perfect light jacket for your outdoor activities during mild-summer days

We came across the TT MAINE JACKET via our partner Triple Action who kindly asked us to give it try and honest opinion about it. So here we are, talking about its features and if we think; is it worth to buy it!

The MAINE JACKET or to be correct like the manufacturer calls it, the TT MANIE M’S JACKET is an ultralight wind-resistant as well water-repellent (light rain) softshell jacket that offers you the best possible range of motion, thanks to its light elastic softshell material which has been used for it.


The so called “T-SoftShell” light material is composed of 94% polyamide and 6% elastane. This material combination ensures that the weight remains reduced and your mobility can be fully exploited so that the elasticity of the material components ensures full mobility and thus maximum comfort for the user.

As a weight reference for you, the Large (L) jacket is specified with: 355gr.


The jacket follows a modern “natural body shape” design which I personally enjoy a lot. Not too bulky, just straight along your body. The sleeves overall are anatomically pre-shaped already and the seamless shoulder yoke is conducive to undisturbed movement.

If you use the jacket for “tactical application”, you will be please about the flexible X shaped Velcro loop panels on the upper arms (both sides), where your preferred or needed patches can be attached to.

To support you while getting it on/off, and to prevent to get stuck on bigger devices around your wrist, the cuffs are elasticated which give you enough space and flexibility.

An already integrated hood (which also can be pulled together) provides your head the needed protection against the elements too. If you want to tight it up to your head preferences, just use the bungee cord/with stopper which is located on the back of the head and you’re good to go.

The soft chin guard provides padding for more comfort. The chin guard closes off the long front zipper all the way at the top.

Tasmanian Tiger provided the MAINE JACKET just enough pockets to keep it simple for you to store your essentials. Two big side pockets with wide openings that can be closed by using a zipper (YKK).

These pockets have a light fleece inside at one side which feels comfortable and on the other, a breathable mesh which faces towards your body. Both have cables guide openings if you want to use headphones or something similar so that all cables can be routed through the inside of the jacket and do not get in the way at all.

The inside pocket has around the same dimension and can be accessed from the top only. Here you can see the cable opening from the outer pocket that goes through.

The jacket also includes a bungee cord/with stopper around the hip area on both sides to provide those who like to have their jacket tight or stamped (like I am) this option.

The front zipper (YKK) is a two-way zipper (with sewn in inner wind protection) which is, of course a standard nowadays for outdoor jackets. As seen from the tactical point of view for those on the job, this is a great option to access your business tools. As seen in my example; a basic OWB and an appendix carry IWB Holster.

I know, you can always lift the whole jacket up in case you need to be very fast. This is just an example of how to use it practical or “tacticool”.

If you run a slim line carrier underneath, it is also an option to get quick access to the front pouches if attached. But what do I tell you… you guys know the drill right?


The TT MAINE JACKET got my full attention right after I used it the first time. It’s lightweight, natural body shape design along the T-SoftShell material is just great. Having a jacket like this during the summer when protection against the elements is needed fits perfect into my outdoor activity needs.

What does a good outdoor jacket really need you ask? Two core things in my opinion: a light and compact pack size so it fits easily into your pack, and the simple functionality of a windbreaker.

The MAINE JACKET from Tasmanian Tiger offers these features and complements them with a sick modern and urban design.

The jacket is available from Triple Action “home of the hot stuff” here in Central Europe in sizes form M up to 2XL.

Grab yours >>

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