Mounts Under any 3 column MOLLE Pouch

Built for the Micro Trauma Kit NOW! and fits under any 3-column MOLLE Pouch. The Shear Hammock from BFG Inc. allows for a tourniquet and shears to be added to your Kit.

Shear Hammock

Following the huge success of the Micro Trauma Kit NOW!® the biggest question we got was “Where do I keep my tourniquet?”  We always recommended keeping a tourniquet readily available and NOT inside a pouch for immediate access.  With the Tourniquet Hammock, you can keep your tourniquet readily accessible right below your Micro Trauma Kit with no extra mounting space needed. 

Shear Hammock

As an added benefit, the Tourniquet Hammock keeps the tourniquet better protected against damaging UV rays, weather, and dirt and debris than having a TQ simply rubber banded to your gear.

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