Now this review is very important for any Airsofter out there, since safety should come first!

Helmets in Airsoft can do a lot more than just make you look good on the field or completing your loadout to copy some military force to perfection. Security in Airsoft is sometimes downplayed to just a pair of safety glasses and that’s it. Usually problems arise when you least expect them, especially when you are playing at a venue or field you are not familiar with.

Perhaps one of the most viewed Airsoft accidents on Youtube is the one where a Spanish player falls from the ceiling of a one story house during a game. Luckily he walked away with no serious injuries, but you can imagine several ways how this could have gone wrong.

So protection is not only cool but it’s also a must, to prevent injuries while playing on the field.

With this in mind, let’s see how does the Emerson Fast BJ Helmet, kindly provided for this review byEmperion Store, stacks up to needs of most Airsofters out there.

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