Slinging your rifle was never more comfortable…

… at least if you ask me! I run this Sling on almost all my long guns for more than 6 years now and yes, it never got me disappointed! If you ask for a recommendation in regards to a Sling, this is the one you won’t miss to have in your collection!

Vickers Padded Sling

Let’s dive into it

The Patented Vickers Padded Sling from Blue Force Gear combines with the tactical sling capability of the previous released Vickers Sling with the added comfort of a padded rear section.

The 2” inline pad doesn’t move up or down the sling and is made from closed cell foam that won’t separate or gain water weight.

Vickers Padded Sling

The front section with the Quick Adjuster allows the user to instantly lengthen and shorten the sling – quickly transitioning from a “hands-free” carry to a shooting position with a simple pull of the Adjuster.

This feature has bridged the gap between the two primary uses of weapon slings as we knew it before back in the day – transporting and fighting.

Vickers Padded Sling

The Vickers Padded Sling attaches directly to your fixed loop firearm attachment systems if you have them. Additionally, you can use any other attachment system that’s compatible with such as the HK Hook for example.

For me personally, the BFG Inc. ULoop is the perfect choice. It attaches to most of my guns right away or I simple add a QD Swivel. That’s it.

Vickers Padded Sling

Adjuster & Triglides Build

Nylon Hardware: Features all newly designed DuPont Zytel® nylon – which is lighter, stronger, and more flexible than traditional plastic sling hardware. The majority of the BFG slings shipped to the US Military feature Nylon Hardware. 

Vickers Padded Sling

Metal Hardware: Of the Vickers Padded Sling features a machined aluminum Adjuster that is hardcoat anodized matte black and combined with phosphated steel trigldides. The Metal Hardware slings provide more strength than will ever be needed in a weapon sling – perfect for those apocalypse guns and the “all metal” type of shooters.


  • Compatible to M4 carbines and other carbines and rifles
  • Installation: Secured with triglides through swivels, loops or combined with sling hardware
  • Mount: Reversible (Muzzel Up – traditional bolt action rifles and shotguns) carry for Military Applications
  • Size: 1.25” sling webbing (Unpadded)  2.00” tubular webbing with closed cell foam padding (Padded)
  • Sling build: Invista solution dyed CORDURA® webbing
  • Length: UnPadded: 54” – 64” Padded: 57” – 67”
Vickers Padded Sling

And if you ask, all Vickers Padded Slings™ are built with precision and pride right at home in the United States with superior materials Blue Force Gear said and yes, you can feel the quality of this product right away once you unpacked it.

Grab yours here:

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