The D3 Belt is here…!

Years in the making, the D3 Belt from Haley StrategicĀ is finally available! This Belt is the next generation of shooter belts, offering a new MOLLE specification, extreme durability, and comfort.

D3 Belt


Battle belts have been used by warfighters dating back to the first American Revolutionary War. Throughout time, materials and mission requirements have evolved and so have belt designs. The application of the latest technologies in American made materials and over 240 years of battle belt history have combined to form ourĀ BELT. Our hallmark disruptive approach to product design was harnessed into the foundation of this belt sparing no minor details in the fit, form, or function of the D3 BELT.

D3 Belt


Any structure is only as strong as its foundation. Influenced by decades of operational use, we began engineering our premier mounting surface on this principle. The D3 BELT delivers optimal synergy between belt rigidity and comfort and closes with the proven Cobra buckle. The best equipment in the world borne on a weak foundation is unacceptable when life and liberty are at stake, the D3 BELT provides a proven foundation to support any mission requirement for the modern warfighter.
D3 Belt


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