Enjoy our Corona Home Edition “overview” on the AFPC from our UK Editor Aryan

The OneTigris Griffin AFPC (Air Fast Plate Carrier) Airsoft Vest in Multicam is a OneTigris signature vest that offers quick-release functionality, breathability, and adaptability with other third party chest rigs. Made from 500D Cordura Nylon construction. The Air Fast Plate Carrier offers dirt, water and abrasion resistance for those tough and dirty airsoft games.

Grab yours here >> www.onetigris.com/griffin-afpc-airsoft-vest

Stay save, stay home and watch AMNB! #fuckcorona


  1. OneTigris is a “White Label” distribution.
    They buy cheap articles on the Asian market, stick their brand on it and resell it in EU as their own product. If you see something from OneTigris, check out the well-known Asian online marketplaces. Mostly you will find the same product, only cheaper.


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