MCX VIRTUS on Steroids | SUR300/SRD762 Kit

If you’re an SIG AIR MCX VIRTUS owner, you know that the possibilities of customizing your beloved boomstick are nearly endless! The MCX has for sure some taste to it but the aftermarket parts can do much for a new and custom “SIG” look right!

For me personally, I ride with the once from Airsoft Artisan at this very moment because I like their quality and workmanship which is in my opinion on point.

In this article, I overview my MCX setup really quick for you including other parts that I run beside the stuff from Artisan which helps me make my day on the field or in training a pleasant one while operating that MCX! It’s the whole package that makes it dope!



Starting all the way at the rear, I attached the Artisan Light Weight Mini Folding Stock in Dark Earth. Comes with the 1913 20mm rail adaptor already attached for you so installing takes like no time. The locking mechanism feels solid and tough made (long lifetime guaranteed I guess) and once folded to the left side of the rifle, the stock holds itself well in place and doesn’t dangle around.

To unfold it again, you just need to give it a decent pull. That’s it.


The stock itself is made from 6 series aluminum and includes a small rubber pad for a more comfortable usage. Why do I prefer this one? It’s slim not bulky and therefor easy to shoulder/getting into shooting position while running a plate carrier. It doesn’t need much space between your shoulder and the carrier, so it finds its spot just right, providing you a great and stable position at all time.

There’s a full-length version available as well if you need it a bit more extended to fit it around your arm length/shooting position.

I’m a 1,81m tall guy, arm length is about 75cm so the Mini Folding Stock in comparison with the SUR300 fits me and my natural shooting position just right.


Talking about the handguard, the SUR300 (12” M-LOK Handguard) comes in a kit that includes an SDR762 Mock Suppressor and a 9” Outer Barrel that needs to be changed with the original one. I decided to go with the Dark Erath one like the stock to create that two-tone look I like.

What’s to know about the SUR300 is that if you normally use slim handguards such as the once from ZEV-TECH, KAC or BCM like on the MCMR, this guy right here is the big, fat never seen a diet not so slim at all brother!

The reason for that is simple, that fat SRD762 Mock Suppressor wants to get his ass inside the handguard. He likes it to snuggle and being protected from the SUR!


So, long story short, if you have small hands – forget about doing a C clamp! Forget about switches you want to mount on the top of the rail and forget about activating your laser beam using its own button such as the D-BAL or similar once.

That just not gonna work well for ya!

Quality and workmanship from the parts named above are great. I really like how the Dark Earth tone came out. Well done, Airsoft Artisan, I sure have a look for other parts in DE.



I like those little gadgets you can place around your rifle to operate other tools such as lasers or lights. Even having great backup irons can become a gun fashion thing… hahaha! I hear you AK guys, I hear you. You can go nuts in the comments below if you like to!

But back to the topic accessories. What have become a standard at least to me is having a light and laser combo on the gun, in my case a SureFire Scout Light and a DBAL A-2 as well switches that support me with my natural shooting position. Having access to it without moving my hand/fingers too much is a must!


A company that produces exactly these products is UNITY TACTICAL. Their “Hot Button” or “ModButton” are just great! I won’t miss them a single day anymore!

I got mine installed right on top of the rail providing me with the perfect grip at all time. Guys, if you haven’t used them,… you’re missing out big time!

Supporting my overall grip on the SUR300 up front, I’m using an BCM KAG which also works great as a rest for supported firing positions.


Right now, on this setup, I’m using the gold standard the EO Tech EXPS and G33 Magnifier. I know there are a lot of different options which also depends on the “mission” you’re on but I like them and they do the work for me pretty well.

As a needed update to get a more natural shooting ancle, I put them on steroids meaning once again UNITY TACTICAL accessories. Their FAST Optic Riser and Magnifier Mount is what you need. Why are these important? Hear it from the horses mount itself:

A 2.26” optical centerline height provides faster/easier reticle acquisition while wearing electronic earpro/communications headsets, night vision goggles and gas masks and allows for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by promoting a heads-up posture.

As a back-up option in case that EO Tech quit its duty, I’m using the PTS licensed Griffin Armament Modular Back Up Iron Sight Set. Mounted with the already in the package included 45-degree ambidextrous angle plates, these sights are simple dope! You need them.


To finally see those BBs flying through the optic, you need to make sure that they get fed very well. I’m using Lancer mags or PTS EPMs with my MCX. Works just fine, never had any issues.

The look under the hood is pretty basic in regards to the Gear Box which is still the original one from VFC. Yeah, I know but it performs great for me so I run it.

Only thing I changed is the inner barrel and Hop-Up bucking. Got supported here from my lads over at LayLax with some Prometheus goodness.

Alright folks, that’s it. I hope you like what you just saw and I may could inspire you a bit. Any questions? Drop them in the comments below.



If you wanna gear-up with parts shown in this article, here are some links to shops/companies I got it from:


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