Now Shipping: LR53 DAKA Hard Case

Today, we’re launching the LR53, the latest and largest addition to the DAKA® Hard Case line. Using the same materials and DAKA GRID system as our R44 and C35 DAKA Hard Cases, we’ve expanded the size to support carriage of your longest firearms and other gear, providing measurably better organization and protection than other cases.

Magpul LR53 DAKA Hard Case

The LR53 includes five panels, 10 triple blocks, and 10 double blocks, with other specialized blocks available to compartmentalize and outfit your case for your specific needs.

Magpul LR53 DAKA Hard Case

As with our other DAKA Hard Cases, the LR53 is designed to provide superior protection and adaptability on the inside, and streamlined, easy maneuverability on the outside.

Magpul LR53 DAKA Hard Case

Its snag-free, rounded body includes advanced features such as cammed, reliable latches, recessed lock housings, ergonomic handles, and dependable wheels that combine to solve the issues of other cases. Get one today at and at local retailers.

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