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The Raid Shirt is a new version of a classic shirt. It creates a set with UTP, SFU Mk2, or BDU Mk2 Pants, but it will also work as a stand-alone lightweight shirt for patrol or city activities.

Raid Shirt

The tradition of this type of tactical clothing dates back to the 1940s, but we followed the historical development of these uniforms to prepare a timeless and modern product

Bushcraft First Aid Kit

Bushcraft First Aid Kit

Our Bushcraft First Aid Kit is specifically tailored for typical incidents encountered during bushcraft activities, such as using a saw, axe, or frequent knife handling. A new feature is the internal placement for a tourniquet, instead of the usual external spot, to cater to the unique needs of bushcraft.

Mission Bag - Cordura®

Mission Bag – Cordura┬«

This product has evolved from the Rangemaster Bag but offers much more versatility. Thanks to its rigid structure, the Mission Bag securely stores not only ammunition and tactical or shooting equipment but also serves as a large EDC organizer. It features a total of seven pockets, with six external ones.

Grab yours >> www.helikon-tex.com


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