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In this new Gear Gallery article, we go over the top 3 modern Spetsnaz Loadouts you can built if you´re interested in Russian Military Kits. This presentation is brought to you in cooperation with our partner Kula Tactical, an Russian based company that knows what a Russki like to be dressed in the 21st century. Enjoy the presentation!

Between “showing off” and “hiding” in airsoft it can be hard to choose. How can you play effectively if you’re playing with the equipment of your favorite military unit in an environment that’s not suitable? How can you play effectively while wearing the equipment you like the most?

That’s the question of the day. And it’s to the Eastern part of the world that we’re going to turn our attention today, to Russia in particular. Indeed, playing with American equipment is all well and good, but who’s going to play the bad guys ? Seriously, their experience in terms of camouflage is remarkable: we could not expect less from the biggest country in the world. This article is aimed at players lacking originality, who are interested in Russian military clothing and equipment. Which, by the way, is an excellent choice for hardcore airsoft games because of their reliability and low cost. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, we have for you a bunch of information to help you in the creation of your Russian airsoft loadout. And this, without losing sight of the fact that wearing camouflage is there to help you use the playing field to beat your opponent.

FSB Modern loadout

«The FSB of Russia (full name – Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) is a federal executive body of the country dealing with issues of state security. Its main areas of activity include combating terrorism and particularly dangerous forms of crime, intelligence, and counterintelligence, as well as border activities and ensuring information security.

It pretty well resume the situation.

The most seen media in the net today about Russian special forces show most of all “rich” FSB units in action. People call that “modern” FSB units. But in fact, the reality is a bit different. These units are in majority based in Moscow and they’re more subsidized than all the others with their local authorities. That gives them the possibility to use more sophisticated equipment, naturally. So we’re doing here the distinction between an old school FSB kit a modern one. Also, multiple original items that were used by these units aren’t produced anymore like the Smersh Sbruya and some other gear. Replicas exist, of course.

Kit list

FSB « old school » Airsoft gorka loadout

Widely used by a large amount of Spetsnaz operators, the Gorka suit remains classical among special forces of Russia. Used by every unit for almost all types of missions : FSB, MVD, OMON, etc… Especially appreciated in the deep Russia where the military divisions are not subventioned like the ones you could see in the top youtube videos (Spetsnaz training, that kind of stuff). That suit is the best solution to dress you up with a good military uniform for cheap. It’s only possible thanks to Russian made materials like the typical army tent fabric used so often for the two-tone models

The best Gorka loadout we selected for you is an FSB one. Each item presented in the photos is the original one. They are very hard to find, and purists are ready to spend many times and money to complete such kits : it’s not only a loadout, but it’s also pure Russian unit reconstruction. Anyway, most of these articles are available in a similar version. Excepted the Gorka which has a very bright tone ; it’s a particular model. A classical Gorka 3 will do the job perfectly. For all other stuff, replicas or similar items are available.

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Spetsnaz VDV loadout (45th brigade)

The 45th VDV brigade is a special military unit axed on reconnaissance and sabotage operations. They are part of the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV), based near Moscow. It was formed in 1994 with the status of independent Spetsnaz regiment and expanded to a brigade in 2015. The 45th Airborne Special Forces Regiment occupies a special position among other special forces. Since 1995, the military unit has regularly organized competitions, and the SVN group also takes part in international competitions.

In addition, the unit organizes demonstration performances, which include parachute jumps or hand-to-hand fights. All events are held in Moscow and the region.

To play airsoft, their equipment is quite good. Especially the new generation Ratnik suit “6sh122”. It’s basically an over-suit, specially designed for the needs of such units for their parachute jumps. That two-sides Russian camo suit is also adaptable depending on your area color/geography : a dull side with more yellowed tones and a lighter side with green tones Perfect to adapt your camouflage depending on the season or the airsoft game location.

Kit list

There is many possibility to create yourself a spetsnaz airsoft kit, but here is the best you can run for in term of realism and performances on the field. On that note, soldier, we wish you good luck for your next mission !


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