Best-in-class comfort paired with extreme ruggedness, the Striker X Combat Shirt

With no-melt/no-drip properties, a collar designed to minimize secondary fragmentation risks, and additional padding in the area of the pelvic crest to prevent any hip irritations, UF PRO once again raised the standard for combat shirts with the Striker X Combat Shirt.


Let’s break down the key features in this product spotlight really quick that might help you out to choose this shirt above all others!

Striker X Combat Shirt

The Striker X is built from the ground up to offer you outstanding no-melt/no-drip properties. UF PRO combined the novel NyCo Extreme ripstop material with the unique Lizard/Skin torso material, which provides not only no-melt/no-drip properties but also superior wear-comfort and a long-lasting durability is guaranteed too.

One thing I noticed the first time I got to throw it on, it fits much tighter as the XT shirts. UF PRO is known for their athletic or “body shape” design which I personally like a lot but if you wear an XT shirt in let’s say size Large, The X fits a bit tighter.

This perhaps happens to the material difference as well an improved design and features the shirt has to offer on both hip areas.

So, keep that in mind when ordering or better, check the sizing chart once again! There’s nothing wrong to go one size bigger instead of feeling like a “Presswurst” you know.

Striker X Combat Shirt

Talking about those features, breathable and air-permeable padding avoids belts rubbing into your skin and causing discomfort in the hip-area. Those of you running heavy belts know what I’m talking about.

Like on the XT series, the Striker X Shirt also offers the well proven air/pac shoulder inserts and upper arm vent openings that support you cooling down much faster when operating in hot environments.

The new designed Striker X collar allows it to be fully open for extra air-circulation or closed up for combat-readiness. Since there are no zippers or buttons, there are no pressure points and no risk for secondary fragmentation when wearing plate carriers.

Like the collar, the sleeves and upper torso are made from NYCO Extreme material that endows the garment with low weight, high breathability, and fast-dry capability.

Only the best materials came together when UF PRO brought the Striker X Combat Shirt to life!

Another change that took place can be found on the lower arm section. The small pockets have been removed as a result of the feedback from the military community. To be honest; I also never used them on my XT series shirts. Don’t you roll up one’s sleeves as well? I always do.

Got your interest? Head over to Triple Action your dealer for all things UF PRO here in Central Europe who has it available in all colors. Fast shipping, outstanding customer service and you always get some nice presents with your order.

Check them out and support a small business.

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