Available from Dave’s Custom, the SomoGear PERST-4

If you’re in the tactical AK game, this device right here should be on your list!

The combined airsoft device Perst-4 is CNC Machined in 6063 Aluminium and features an incredibly high level of fit and finish. The SomoGear Perst-4 is well known to be the best available on the airsoft market and of course this is why we have chosen to stock this brand. This product comes with a SomoGear soft case which can be mounted onto MOLLE.

SomoGear PERST-4

The KV-5P 20mm Rail Mounted CNC Machined 6063 Aluminium switch is included and uses a different connector to PEQ-15, DBAL etc. so you will need to use this specific pressure switch setup with your PERST-4.

Turn on both the buttons located on the case and from the remote tactical button you can operate the device. The brightness is adjustable and works with operation indicator on the pressure switch. The operating temperature range of this product is from -20 ° С to + 40 ° С and it has a IP65 waterproof rating meaning you can of course use it in the rain.

Grab it >> www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk


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