Superior firepower – with the ST320 A1 Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launchers have found their way into airsoft a long time ago already. Mostly used with traditional “BB-Shower” grenades, supporting the players in CQB environments as the effective range of those grenades are not that far. Those launchers come in almost all designs from short like “hidden in a pocket” size to full length, as under barrel launchers for a direct attachment to your rifle and stand-alone versions. Most of em follow “real steel” examples and others are rather futuristic.

ST320 A1

As we at AMNB like to play with those launchers as well and we’re focused towards the MilSim kind of gameplay, we got the S&T Armament ST320 A1 grenade launcher in to play with provided from our partner Begadi.


The ST320 A1 is a replica from the modern Heckler & Koch M320 launcher developed in 2008 already which is now in use with various military units around the world. It has proven itself as a modern yet modular 40mikemike launcher platform that fulfil the needs for the troops on the ground, providing firepower above small arms weapons packed in a compact size against vehicles or buildings and of course, infantry.

As S&T does not hold any official license from H&K itself, this replica has no markings on it. Small little detail that is missing but so it is.

ST320 A1


Talking about its “modularity” first, the ST320 A1 is like its real counterpart able to be mounted as a under barrel launcher to your rifle. Just remove the retractable stock and get it into place. Fits on any 1913 picatinny rail system and rifle of your choice.

ST320 A1

If you don’t want to carry the weight (1260g without stock) of this launcher at all time up front on your rifle (which can become very heavy & bulky), I suggest you to stick to the stand alone principal. Strap it on your carrier, a backpack or something else where you like to have it in reach for yourself or a team member when needed.

ST320 A1

Various holsters are available that give you the ability to attach it straight to MOLLE Webbing. If you like to go all nuts, Get yourself the S&S Precision Grenade Launcher Holster. True, it is a bit pricy but hey, it looks darn cool and you only live once right!! #gearbitching #becausewecan #ifnotwethenwho

S&T also provides you the ability to attach some of their rifle stocks from the G36 Series to the launcher what means; it’s compatible to their G36K, G36V and G36IDZ Stocks.

SIDE NOTE; Over the years, the H&K M320 has been seen with a different retractable stock attached to it mostly with US troops. This one is also made from S&S Precision as a direct replacement for the original H&K GLM Stock.

Picture source: S&S Precision website

They stepped in to bring the guys a more compact and light weight alternative to the standard issue stock. It increases weight, and its less bulky than the original. As mentioned, the launcher is quite heavy so this “upgrade” was much appreciated by the GIs.

I’m not sure if there’s an airsoft replica available from it already but if so, TMC would be the company you may need to look out for, I guess. “These copycats offer almost everything”!

ST320 A1

Up front, we have a foldable H&K style foregrip as you know it from the MP7. Much appreciated feature as it supports the grip and stabile shooting position pretty well. If you don’t like it, no problem. Just unscrew it from the rail and take it off. It’s modular, not as on the MP7.


Overall, the ST320 A1 is pretty well made and once you hold it in your hand, it feels and grips nicely. Functions/mechanism are the same as on the real deal. S&T used Metal and Nylon polymer as well thick rubber for the but plate that increases the comfort and stability while shooting it. Everything looks well manufactured and put together.

TBH; that’s what you expect from a product that cost about 250 bucks or more depending on your countries taxes etc.

ST320 A1

All moving parts flow smooth back and forward, lock into position, open or close correct without getting caught, even with some “dirt” in it after you’ve run it a decent time in the field without cleaning it.

During our testing period, we fired various BB-Shower and TAGInn shells and never had a trigger fail true or any other mechanism issue that stopped us from hitting our targets.

ST320 A1

The safety lever is ambidextrous and locks very strong into place. You need a decent pull with your thump to set it in fire mode which is good as it prevents the launcher from accidently go off.

A good sign regarding the material quality and workmanship of the ST320 A1.

What’s to know about the trigger unit compared to the real deal, H&K installed a double action trigger mechanism. The S&T works a bit different as it just releases a pin towards the shell to let it go off. As soon as you start pulling the trigger, the pin starts moving too till the point you hit the valve. Pull a bit stronger and it goes off.


If you use traditional BB-Shower Shells, what should I say? Just go ahead and spread those BBs around. Those shells are basically for close quarter engagement (in my opinion) up to just 15 meters out. Aim, shoot and enjoy the fun of shooting a grenade launcher with the cool sound of Gas or CO2 going off in a blink of a second. If you’re a TAGInn 40MikeMike user, the ST320 now starts to make more sense and fun in the field, offering you the full benefit a grenade launcher is made for.

ST320 A1

But! The build-in aiming sights are may not that helpful for you at first as those replicate the real onces. Aiming for 100 meter may have a different impact on the field as you hoped it has.

TIP: TAGInn offers a training shell that may help you find the “zero” on the sights from the ST320. Make some notes and your good to go to take out targets with precision 150 meters out or beyond, hiding and feeling save. Trust me, it’s fun!

ST320 A1


The S&T Armament ST320 A1 is a nice airsoft pewpew tool. Collectors as well those who pay attention to a realistic and modern military kit should call it their own at some day if you’re addicted to grenade launchers. The workmanship as well functionality is great and everything works how it should to guarantee a great in-game experience out of the box. Even after a long-time usage in the field without cleaning it at all, it works like on the first day and keeps you enjoying it.

Due to its heavy weight of about 1260g (without Stock), it’s not that much comfortable to use it as a under barrel launcher in my opinion. It’s just bulky and heavy and blocks you from maneuvering your rifle swift and flawless.

As a stand-alone launcher, it clearly shows it’s benefit as its operates like a short rifle, thanks to its retractable stock and stable shooting position regarding it.

If you want to dominate the field, superior firepower is needed. In airsoft, grenade launchers can offer you this service paired with the right shells for the right mission in my opinion.

For me and my teammates, the S&T ST320 A1 grenade launcher has become an everyday friend we can count on when needed. Its always in reach upfront on our Wolf while driving around or attached to someone’s gear while being dismounted.

You can grab yours over at Begadi here in central Europe if you like to. Replicas like this one usually sell out fast once they become available and players get to know about. So, I close this review with a direct link to the shop. Have fun and enjoy shooting it!

Grab yours >>

More shop news from Begadi on our blog, can be found here!


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