The Remington Model 870 is a pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms. The Model 870 is one of the most, if not the most widely used shotgun in the world. The shotgun to only second this weapon in terms of popularity is the Mossberg 500.

Secutor have been very busy trying to work on providing unique airsoft products without copying the designs of other products on the market. This is not a very easy thing to do considering how many variations and designs there are of all of the products they have branded. After the release of their gas shotguns, Secutor did not waste time producing their spring series. Although spring shotguns are not a new mechanism, they have been underrated as a cheap and unworthy alternative to AEGs and other primaries.

The spring series shotgun is a pump action M870 which is available in different lengths and variants. We will be reviewing the full length collapsible stock version in an FDE colour. All of the spring series shotguns have a similar design and also use the same key mod rails and hand grip on all of their spring versions. Please be aware that all external parts (other than barrel and some internal parts) are made of a strong albeit flexible ABS polymer.

The shotgun uses a slim pistol grip which is also quite short for larger hands. This pistol grip can be replaced by any aftermarket GBB pistol grip however it is recommended not to use a pistol grip with a beaver tail due to the lack of space. There are QD mounts on either side of the receiver however QD sling attachments are not provided. We have tried using multiple versions of the QD mount attachments with little success. This is due to the depth of the sling mount not being deep enough to allow a QD attachment to fully seat. Unfortunately the only way to fix this without damaging the shotgun was to shave the QD attachment itself.

This version of the Secutor spring series has a collapsible replica of the Magpul CTR stock with butt pad. The buffer tube allows for multiple collapsible positions which do their purpose with the provided stock, however can be slightly loose and cause the stock to move if not properly positioned. You will obviously not have this issue with a full stock or non stock version of this shotgun series.

The shotgun does not come with the AFG vertical fore grip, but however comes with some rather cheap rail cover attachments. These attachments can be applied to the under rail of the hand grip on the shotgun, but be aware that the attachments are not very secure and can fall off during operation. The shotgun also comes with flip up sights which are useful, however have somewhat been over engineered in a weird way. The front sight post is simple with retention to flip up and down, the rear sight post however uses a spring to flip up and is held in place with a lever. This is a very weird form of operation considering it will require more effort to latch the rear sight back in place compared to the front sight.

It is unfortunate that the shotgun does not come with any key mod attachments, however standard key mod attachments do work regardless of which aftermarket version you get. Please be aware that the key mod rails are made of plastic and hence can get damaged when used with metal parts. It is quite unusual that the M870 comes with a M1100 series style bolt handle which is not only non-functional, but also makes little sense to a pump action shotgun where as it is used in a semi-automatic shotgun. This might be over engineering for the sake of looks over functionality.

The spring series shotgun uses the same marui style shotgun shells as any other spring shotgun available. Holding 30 bbs in each shell, the shotgun can fire (three shots) 10 times prior to needing a new shell. The shell ejection lever is a little stiff and will not only open the shell ejection port, but will also eject the shell if pressed fully. The trigger is quite short but has a heavy trigger pull prior to breaking the wall. The trigger safety is behind the trigger and does not feel as stiff as the trigger to operate, it is however not loose enough to accidentally press whilst operating the shotgun.

The Secutor spring shotgun has a fixed hop unit which currently seems to over hop at a range of over 30 metres. It has been found to prefer 0.3 bbs at a maximum range of 45 metres with a grouping of up to two feet wide. This is a fairly accurate shotgun which fits both an urban environment but also a rural environment where range is required. It is safe to say that this shotgun is no sniper rifle, but it is possible for it to reach the same ranges of most AEGs and GBB pistols. Because the shotgun is spring cocked, the pump action is quite strong to pump and may require some practice to repeatedly use over a short period of time. This is quite a common trait for all spring action trishot shotguns which will slowly get easier with prolonged use.

The shotgun is quite robust considering it uses the same mechanisms as other shotguns such as the Double Eagle and CYMA variants. It has not faulted throughout its testing period and is still performing strong without the need to clean or maintain it. It is however worth noting that certain parts of this shotgun were not designed to deal with abusive handling. The fore grip has a tendency to flex and can potentially bend out of its rails during pumping operation. It is recommended that the use of the hand grip is monitored to ensure it is not compromised, as it is most likely point of failure for this product.

Overall, this product is a very capable spring action trishot shotgun which has lasted longer than expected considering its plastic build quality. It is a pity that certain external parts are not made of metal as that would make up for the steep price point for this product. Having said this, the shotgun has not failed to work regardless of the lack of reinforced external parts. The shotgun has been progressively stress tested for over a month and is still performing very well. It might not be an accurate representation of a real shotgun, but it does have the ability to go toe to toe with other AEGs. This shotgun is definitely worth using as a primary in skirmishes, however we do recommend making sure that you like the look and feel prior to purchasing.


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