Protect your eyes well, you only have one pair!

Eye protection, the core for every airsoft player and everybody who’s in the shooting business. You don’t want to get them hurt from anything flying around, don’t you? It’s one of the first things you have on your bucket list but sometimes, it’s hard to choose the right one as the market is quite full of them and you can get misguided and confused about good or bad quality a lot.

Maybe you have a shooting buddy that hooks you up with the model he is using because he swears on it or, somebody tells you about a good one because he heard from others (it’s a good one). The market has a few big names in this section of protection gear and today we gonna talk about one of these which is probably the biggest and most known, Revision Military.

Up for the review here is their Sawfly R3 Deluxe Kit which we got supplied from our partner Triple Action. It is one of Revisions classic protective eyewear, offering their known ballistic performance, customization, fit and function that has proven itself over the time and in many operations all over the world used by professionals.


The Revision Sawfly R3 Deluxe Kit contains a full suite of the top-performing ballistic impact protective eyewear available. The Kit comes with 3 interchangeable eye shield lenses (clear, smoke, and high-contrast orange) each with an already pre-installed nosepiece, a head strap, microfiber pouch, and carrying case.

The ultra-durable ballistic spectacle lens of the Revision Sawfly eye shield system is made of indestructible, optical grade polycarbonate, and I really mean indestructible!

Picture source: Revision Military

During the testing period by Revision, the lens withstood a shotgun blast from 16 feet away and still working! Oh, and it also withstands a variety of chemicals just so you know.

The Sawfly is undeniably constructed for the rigors of combat, featuring a robust design, high-impact materials, flexible shock absorption, and fast-paced performance combine into a rugged solution.

It’s built to exceed stringent U.S. and international ballistic impact requirements for use in military and other tactical operations. If you want to know them in detail, have a look at the following facts:

Testing & Requirements


The Sawfly also features a scratch-resistant coating on both sides of the lens and like all other Revison eye shields, it offers 100% UV-A, UV-B and UV-C protection.

If you’re worried about the fogging from the lenses, forget about it right away! Each eye shield from Revision that leaves the factory since this year comes with a reusable Anti-Fog Cloth in the package which is something that came out of their own smithy due to requests by soldiers operating in hot environments and having fogging issues.

Due to this incapable situation, Revision came up with that cloth. Seriously guys, I use this cloth for years now (even with other brands), I do sweat a lot when it’s hot outside (running in full gear) and had the issue as named above as well. If there’s one thing I can highly recommend, then it’s this tiny cloth to keep your glasses clear! Doesn’t matter how much you sweat.

The cloth is reusable for over 25 applications if stored properly in its package after usage! One application keeps you going for a day or even longer and don’t worry if it got dirty, it will still do its job.

If you used any other fogging spray or system before and noticed that the performance sucked, here’s your solution to fix that one last time!

The Sawfly system is built for comfort, durability and features a very lightweight design combined into a modern sunglasses design which makes it a wearable cool looking partner in your daily life as well, transporting a casual tactical look into the urban streets of your hometown telling everybody; this guy right here lives the tactical way of life.

The temple arm length of the Revision Sawfly R3 adjusts for a precise fit, and it has an adjustable head strap right in the box for additional security if needed.

The arms are comms-compatible designed to guarantee a comfortable, stable fit without generating pressure to your head coming from the comms earmuff/cups towards the arms from the Sawfly frame.

I’ve been running it with the new codeRED CR-TAC headset and a friend of mine with his Peltor, it worked flawless for both of us and we felt comfortable at all time. Designs like these are a must nowadays in my opinion and of course, it’s already available from other brands too.

If you run glasses that don’t have arms like that, you better get geared-up now. The future is now!

One last feature I would like to highlight from the Sawfly is that you can insert their Prescription RX Carrier into it. It is a slim, lightweight, cross-compatible carrier, with a secure connector, for a wide range of single vision prescriptions.

It has a press-fit insertion that ensures proper positioning on the face every time, complementing a design that emphasizes comfort, an open field-of-view, and rugged durability. Take it to your optician and get them lenses made how you need it. Triple Action has it in the shop if you would like to buy it together.

NOTE: Different versions from the RX Carrier are available too, so you may check that ahead before ordering one straight from Revision!

If you would like to order it straight from Revision, you will be required to complete the Rx Carrier Order Form to provide your individual prescription. Completed forms can be emailed to:

Got excited about what you just read? Cool, then head over to Triple Action and check out the available Revision Sawfly R3 Kits they have in their offer.

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