PohlForce Alpha Two

We all know that there are more knifes than anybody can count. Some stick out because of their shape, some stick out because of their quality. And there is a small amount of knives that get all the fame just because they are awesome.
I have used many good and a lot of really bad knifes during my time in the military and in my time as survival instructor. There is an old saying: “Not does the owner find the knife….the knife will find its owner!” And the Alpha Two found me!


Let me tell you about it:
Basically the knife is a folder with a blade length of about 11,3 cm and a total length of 26,0 cm. The fiber glass reinforced grip plates feature an aggressive shape that fits perfect to each hand and more perfect if you are using thin tactical gloves. The grip plates come in two colors. Sand at the so called “Alpha Two Desert” and Black at the “Alpha Two Survival”. The D2 (DIN 1.2379) blade is covered with a black PTFE coating and has a hardness of 59 Rockwell (HRC59). The thickness of 5,0 mm makes the blade really sturdy and strong. A black bungee cord and a glass breaker at the end of the grip round off the awesome configuration of the 280g knife.

But what makes the knife so perfect?
To make a folder a tough knife is not that easy. The most critical part is the bearing of the blade. The bearing of Alpha Two is about 25 mm in diameter. That is huge! And there is no slackness or play in this bearing. It fits perfectly and gives you the feeling of a fixed blade knife. The blade with its bearing is embedded in two 2 mm thick plates that form the grip. This totals up to amazing 9 mm of black steel to provide strength and ruggedness.
The only tool you need to dismantle the knife for cleaning and servicing is a Multitool.
If not at hand, you can utilize a coin and a small screw driver. After cleaning the parts go easily together and the knife feel like new.

More attention should be given to the shape of the blade. Before the “Alpha Two” I used the “Alpha Three” tanto blade with a serrated part to cut thru ropes, tires and webbing. But during the normal every day work the serration started to go on my nerves. So I changed the blade to the “Alpha Two” version. It features a smooth curved shape that is perfect to work with every day. It is very sharp and has a good angle to stay sharp for a long time.

A good knife is not shipped in a paper box. The Alpha Two is shipped in a high quality collectors pouch including a company patch and a certificate. A small removable thumb disk can be screwed to the blade to help open the knife with one hand.

Overall result:

If you are looking for a very good knife that is small enough to be carried every day and strong enough for your needs than it´s time to buy a “PohlForce Alpha Two”….made in Germany!

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If you look for a shop to buy this item check TacOpsGear:

Reviewed by: Ronny of CombatRecovery for ACE


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