REVIEW Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Serie

Today we gonna review for you the Luminox Men’s EVO Navy SEAL Series 2 Watch. Luminox is a well known manufacturer of high quality watches. Since the request from Navy Seals to make a special watch that matched perfectly the requirements of this Special Force, the Brand listend to them and came up with the EVO Navy Seal series.

>>> The Luminox Men’s EVO Navy SEAL Series 2 Watch comes in a solid black box with Luminox logo and zipper. Inside the box you find beside the watch a manual, warranty card and a ‘thank you’ card from which saves you $10 for your next order. The box is well made and equipped with foam material to protect the watch. If you don’t need it for your watch you can use as a nice goggle case for example… :O)

REVIEW Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Serie

REVIEW Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Serie

>>> In our case we have the 3951 version, which has a bracelet made of nylon. It is very comfortable to wear and does not interfere even in prolonged use. On the back of the bracelet there is a tissue which absorbs the perspiration to the air. The bracelet and velcro parts are very tough and well stitched. On the top side near the case is the Luminox and Navy Seals logo appliqu├ęd which is made in the same material you know from the 3D Rubber Patches.

REVIEW Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Serie

>>> The housing of the watch is made from Carbon which makes it very light and resistant to external influences (20Bar/200m water resistant). It has a very nice matt finish with big numbers on the bezel so you can read it also in the twilight or in low light conditions. Inside the case works a precise swiss quartz clockwork.

REVIEW Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Serie

>>> The nicest feature of the watch is the tritium powered digits leave and clockwise which will light for 25 years. If you go to sleep, put your watch away, the light is very strong! Tritium is not very dangerous. Espcially not in this low amount. So no panic from the beta radiation. (iamge by Luminox)

REVIEW Luminox EVO Navy SEAL Serie

>>> The Configuration of the watch is easy at it could be. Pull the gear out slowly on the right side and turn it. Now you can change the date, pull a second time and you can change the time itself. When everything is set to your wishes, press the gear back. Ready for Mission!

Conclusion: A great watch! Light weight , well made and for a good price. If you are seal addicted and looking for a tactical watch, have a look at this one. If you have suggestions or questions please feel free to ask below in the comment box. Thanks for reading ;O)

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