Welcome the new Plate Carrier Maritime Manta from MD-Textil

Out now is the Manta carrier from the German smithy MD Textil and this one has some cool features to offer. Oh, and if I didn’t mentioned it, it does it come in MC Black and CONCAMO too. Just,… awesome!! Learn more below.

The “Manta” plate carrier is the first plate carrier available on the market that can be upgraded to an EN361 certified safety harness and is equally suitable for maritime use. With a basic weight of only 585g, this plate carrier is primarily designed for HIT teams of intervention units in the maritime spectrum.

Plate Carrier Maritime Manta

Upon request, we can deliver the Plate carrier maritime “Manta” including ultra-light ballistics. (No ballistics included)

The chest harness MGS from our tactical Rigger harness can be integrated directly into the plate carrier without any further adapters, which makes the plate carrier the first choice for dangerous activities in rope technology.

Plate Carrier Maritime Manta


The LAR5000 oxygen cycle device can be attached to the plate carrier using the optional accessory package.

An elastic and sliding support of the cummerbund allows circumferential differences of> 30cm. As a result, the plate carrier can be worn on a T-shirt or over a dry suit without the need to adjust the size. The cummerbund is stiffened to prevent unwanted twisting when putting on or taking off.


The combined buoyancy control and rescue system TSK554 from SECUMAR can be integrated on the inside of the plate carrier without any additional accessories.

The plate compartments are padded on the inside with 3mm 3-D spacer fabric and allow an unimpeded air outlet / water inlet and outlet to prevent unwanted buoyancy on the sides and front.

Features at a glance:

  • Basic weight 585g
  • Cordura laminate based on BW-TL 8305
  • Quick-detachable cummerbund with hingebuckle
  • Shoulder straps can be separated using a unique plug-in system
  • Shoulder straps adjustable with Velcro
  • Elastic mounting of the cummerbund for maximum freedom of movement
  • Chest strap can be integrated into the MGS modular strap system
  • Can be combined with the TSK554 taring and rescue system
  • can be combined with LAR5000
  • Plate holder for SAPI M (250x300mm) or comparable <- other formats can be realized on request

Grab yours >> www.md-textil.info/Plate-carrier-maritime-Manta