That one Holster to rule them both!

We´re glad to present you the all new hot of the press LowRiderLT Holster for the SIG SAUER M17 and M18 Pistol platform. That´s right, you finally have a solid Holster option for your beloved SIGs beside the expensive once from “those other brands”. Moreover, the LowRiderLT does offer you a weapon light option for the Surefire X300, X400 Series as well for Streamlight and Inforce APL lights. If this is not enough for you, it is optic ready too.

Let´s have a solid look at it

We hooked up with the good people over at Kydex Holster NLD to get this one out as we at AMNB had been in the need for a Holster to carry our SIGs out in the field. Long story short, after a few very productive conversations, we both agreed to get the Holster done. The guys went to their smithy and started to work out a prototype in like no time.

Seriously – from the day, the model pistol has been delivered, technical drawing, adjusting etc. had been done to the day they´ve presented the prototype – two days! F*!king love these guys.

About the LowRiderLT

Nothing new to the line-up at all but optimized in its lining to make the SIG P320 Pistol platform fit and look on point, this holster is designed to ride a little lower on the belt line, to clear tactical gear such as Plate carriers, Chest rigs and/or Backpacks.

A leg strap supports the lower position and overall stability of the Holster on your thigh while on a hasty move, kneeling down or crawling around. It also supports your drawing, as the Holster will not twist outwards.

Made out of 2.5mm thick kydex thus makes this a more robust holster for a tactical application.

The thicker kydex also gives the holster more retention on the weapon system it is holding, which is still adjustable with the two retention screws, on the outside of the holster.

If you´re scared of losing the Pistol because of its open top design & because it stands out a bit higher as you usually know it, don´t worry, It´s strong embedded and as long you´re not doing stupid shit with it, it stays in place.

The mounting holes on the back are designed to work with all the Safariland hardware, such as the UBL and QLS that the company also offer at their shop. I decided to order the UBL system in. Works just great for me and my different belt setups.

SIDE NOTE: If you want to run it with the S&S Precision Holster Extender GRT, it will work too as the mounting holes are the same as well as G-Code, Blade Tech BLACKHAWK and more.

Another build in feature, it is RMR / short dot / reddot or however you wanna call it ready to support your optic needs if you use one. Pretty nice – we love it and who else is doing this for the M17 & M18 platform right now at an decent price level too?

As mentioned at the beginning, the LowRiderLT is made for both – the M17 and the M18 as this one is just a few inches shorter. Apart from this, the dimensions are the same. Therefore, you get a one size fits both guns Holster. Isn´t that nice?


The way they´ve build the LowRiderLT Holster around that SIG is just nice. The overall lining, look and finish impressed me personally a lot. Of course, you can say “it´s just a Holster, come on dude” but to me it´s a part of the whole gun porn look itself ~change my mind!

A good and solid Holster for your sidearm that supports you when you need it is as important as your weapon manipulation skills in my opinion. Both also support your safety and the safety for the people around you! Buying cheap clone shit brings you bad times in the field… don´t try to save money here! You will regret it.

Of course, we need to rock it more often in the near future to get a bit more experience with it. Thanks to COVID-19 and the current situation, this will be a longer process as usual for sure.

Nevertheless, at a first glance – with the LowRiderLT from Kydex Holster NLD you can´t go wrong for your SIG. Their products are trusted from various military/police units around here in Europe and so is their quality.

Starting at 75€ (depending on options), the LowRiderLT is now available through their webshop.

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