The TNVC SuperGain family is based on the latest image intensifier tube technology from L3Harris, and is one of the most significant evolutions in Generation 3 night vision systems and performance since the introduction of Unfilmed technology and are available ONLY at TNVC as a new Premium Option for all TNVC customers.

TNVC SuperGain

While these tubes do not make your current or future Unfilmed White Phosphor obsolete, they are the perfect fit for those wanting to take their night vision capabilities to the next level.

TNVC SuperGain

These are being used by the Military and Special Operations Forces today as the MOST ADVANCED night vision products currently available.


TNVC SuperGain highlights:

  • Latest image intensifier tube technology from L3Harris
  • Most significant evolution in Gen 3 night vision systems since unfilmed released
  • Increased low light performance including the ability to see further and better into shadows and dark spaces
  • 2376+ minimum Figure of Merit (FOM) specification
  • Noticeably brighter than standard unfilmed tubes
  • No change to longevity or durability compared to standard tubes
  • Available ONLY at TNVC as a new premium option

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