OK guys. First we have to say… we decided not to be in the jury because one guy on the photo is a ACE member. The Photo is taken by a player who didnt work with or for us.

So we ask a absolutly indepentent guy from SCDTV. Thank you Michal D. for it!

So the jury was BW Crew, Voodoo and SCDTV!

1 Place > Group of Guerillas by Dee von M
2 Place > RPK Guerilla by Frank Börner
3 Place > Navy Seal by Daniel Vavra

Thank you to all participants.
The winners will be contacted by mail for shipping of the goodies!

Winner of BIG PROMO PACK will be announced this week. Toooo many likes to coount. Sorry but this is a lot of work ;O)

We want to thank our sponsors Sniper-Airsoft Supply,Voodoo Tactical Europe, Gunfire and the Border War Crew.

1493484_884809804869018_2460867504442446598_o1 Place > Group of Guerillas by Dee von M

10367168_884809794869019_3569844585677800611_nRPK Guerilla by Frank Börner

10337764_884809798202352_3111187609793444629_nNavy Seal by Daniel Vavra


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