Things you need to know about the MOE Bipod

Lightweight, rugged, and loaded with the features you need. The MOE Bipod packs a lot of strengths into its 8oz package. Designed to quickly and easily attach to the Uncle Mike’s Sling Swivel Stud™, the lightweight MOE Bipod boasts a low stack height of 1.73″ when it’s folded, and can be rapidly deployed when it’s needed.

MOE Bipod

With our proprietary injection-molded polymer, the MOE Bipod’s lighter weight doesn’t come at the cost of a less reliable shooting platform. It’s quick-deploying legs can be loaded up and won’t deform or break under pressure.

MOE Bipod

The staggered, soft rubber feet help you find a grippy, stable shooting position, but if you need more bite, you can also add most Atlas-pattern bipod replacement feet. We also designed a rapid-attach sling stud mounting system that makes connecting and adjusting the MOE Bipod remarkably fast.

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