Enola Gaye released a new “frag” airsoft grenade to the airsoft world. The FRAG ‘Field’ Grenade – BB Grenade features:

  • new realistic design
  • massive blast area


Add real adrenaline to your game with a BB grenade! BB’s fired in every direction, a direct hit is inevitable. Now designed with lose fill BB’s jammed in to create a bunker-busting companion. Don’t carry them at your own risk, your opposition will do.

The BB grenade will make a difference to your game throwing BB’s in every direction over a 5-meter distance. If this isn’t enough firepower then you are left with no other option but the new 2G BB Grenade. Carton quantity 50 units.

All Enola Gaye products come with a self-striker, which needs no outside form of ignition. Instructions are printed on all products.