Nyet! Rifle is fine…

…that’s the most common slogan we all know and link up when it comes down to AKs isn’t it? At least for fun reasons some time so I had to kick it off with this one.

When we start talking about airsoft AKs, E&L Airsoft has its name in the industry since they first came out years ago. Their workmanship and very realistic look stand out for sure in my opinion, and if you pay attention to a realistic look, E&L is one way to go for. But does the slogan “Nyet! Rifle is fine” suit this AKM? Let’s find out.

The latest addition to the E&L offer is the so-called “E&L Essential Series” and we got our hands on one provided from our friends at Gunfire. We got no other than the AKM which is of course the gold standard, the trusted, the classic, the one you need to have in your collection if you’re an AK addicted person.

Even if not, that’s the one you have to own because of reasons…


The AKs from the Essential Series have a slightly lower price tag than the already existing series while maintaining most of the features that allow the essential line from E&L to gain a high position on the AK airsoft market as well.

You dreamed of owning a sensational E&L AK but the high price was kinda barrier for you till now? That’s why the company answered the call from the airsoft community and introduced the Essential Series. The AKM as seen here comes at a cost of 244€ (Central European Retail).

Once you open the box you find the AKM in all its glory right in front of you. Components that come along the rifle:

  • 150rd Mid-Cap Magazine
  • Oiler Box
  • Real AK Cleaning Toolbox
  • User Manual
  • QC Certificate

The AKM got an M120 Motor from E&L already installed. Nice feature and “little upgrade” if you need it as this rifle is equipped with an V3 Gearbox that has a quick spring change system inside. No future explanation needed, I guess.

Unfortunately, E&L still uses the Tamiya connector instead of T-Plugs. You need to get rid of it E&L Airsoft!


Talking about the Gearbox and its components really quick for you, what kind of parts can we find inside:

  • stainless steel cylinder
  • polycarbonate piston with one steel tooth
  • abrasion-resistant POM tappet plate
  • a set of 9mm steel bushings
  • durable powder steel gears
  • metal hop-up chamber
  • steel trigger
  • BILD gearbox

Not bad at all to start from.

E&L Essential AKM

You’re able to take the Gearbox out of the receiver for maintenance or quick spring change without using many tools. Only one or maybe two are needed: A screwdriver and/or a Multitool. Great thinking if you need to work on it in the field and just like a real AK; basic and simple to work on. No gucci mechanism or weird technics which make things complicated.

If you want to know how to do it right, watch this Video Guide from my friend Leszek – he tells you everything you need to know in just 3 minutes. It’s worth a watch!

E&L Essential AKM


The guarantee of the best realism belongs to the fact that E&Ls replicas are assembled in a factory which is responsible for the production of real firearms as well. Thus, some external elements are identical to those in the firearm counterpart and come off the same production line as the real once.

Could it be any better for us,… I don’t think so. Do you?

E&L also took care of the smallest details to bring their replicas as close as possible to the original and this attention to detail can be clearly seen I would say!

What set them apart furthermore is that their rifles are 100% constructed from oxidized steel without using any alloy elements.

The stock, handguard and gas tube cover on the AKM is made of solid, vanished real wood. No plastic, no bullshit, just awesome like we want it!

E&L Essential AKM

Two small things I have to note here are different compared to my Gen1 AKM I got delivered from E&L years ago when they first came out (read that detailed review here), 1st., the wooden parts on the Essential look a little bit “cheaper” and not as great or let’s say realistic which depends on the type of wood and varnish used. Keep in mind we’re talking about an “essential” line AK which is cheaper as the once you know from E&L before.

2nd., the sling attachment point on the stock. If we’re really into detail and say that this AKM represents the “Russian version” from back in the days, it should have been on the side and not at the bottom. This position you regularly find on the Chinese or other cheaper repro productions but not on the once made in Mother Russian!

But hey, that’s nothing that you couldn’t fix yourself with a little bit of work on it or go buy some real parts to replace them with. But maybe it’s just me who doesn’t like it that much. Decide yourself!

The only external polymer part used on the E&L Essential AKM is the pistol grip which features the typical AK Bakelite style look. Except of this, it’s pure solid and strong material porn, like a classic AK should be.

What’s more to know: There’s a spacer for the battery under the top cover as well a magwell spacer is insert to fasten up magazine reloads.

E&L Essential AKM


Performance wise, the E&L Essential AKM delivered a solid performance out of the box and was fun to shoot. Using a 11.1 TITAN POWER Battery and 0,25gr BBs, it performed around 380-390fps as measured by us. The rifle is a little bit top-heavy but still feels very handy to shoot in my opinion.

Basic shooting grips are required here gentleman as the iron sights don’t allow you all those fancy C-Clamp and TravisCosta style grips, and the lack of having any rail on this classic AK doesn’t allow you to mount optics.

Of course, you can still run around, go nuts and shoot like an idiot if you think aiming straight is for pussies, but that’s not what you are here for right?


The legendary E&L Airsoft Brand, whose excellent replicas of the Russian assault rifles has gained the hearts of airsoft players from around the world since they came out. Now, the company returns with the E&L Essential Series. The replicas from this line have a slightly lower price than the previous generation, opening them to a wider range of players (even those on a budget) while maintaining almost all the features that still allowed E&L to gain a strong position on the market as I see it.

These are, among the others; external parts are made of 100% steel, realistic appearance and construction, solid gearbox, real wood, and perfectly fitted components. If you want to get a solid manufactured AK that looks as real as it gets and runs well out of the box, the E&L Essential AKM is one rifle to start from.

Remember guys, this was just an “first impression” like out of the box overview and not a full size review after half a year of usage. Time will tell how solid this AKM really performs… we definitely give her more time in the field to find out!

Check out the whole Series available at Gunfires website and get your next E&L AK over there!

E&L Series >> www.gunfire.com/E&L

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  1. The whole wooden stock is a copy from che Type 56 model. THe wood is fully unrealistic for an AKM.

    But: The sling mount on the stock is real. Please get infos on the AKM variants out there. There are earlier and later versions of AKM furniture. E&L did (per coincidence) both versions, which is funny. AKM finally got the sling swivel on the side of the stock at about early 70s, before AK74 showed up.
    The late AKM also has a cast gas block similar to AK74, but in 45 degree.
    So, what e&l gives you is a mid to late 60s AKM.


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