A freestyle kit I put together because I think it looks cool!

Use my idea to get inspired and start up from it as your ground to build a full loadout if you like to!

Desert Night Camo has its revival these days and you see many manufacturers out there producing their gear again in DNC. In my opinion, it works well with Multicam Arid so I came up with this “WIP” kit idea I’m going to run from time to time from now on. Let’s see how this can go forward.

Beside the DNC and MC ARID gear, I pair it with my Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier QR LC in Coyote which is also set up with various TT mag and utility pouches. The quality as well the price tag is great so you’ll get the best out of it.

As a sidearm I use the SIGAIR M18 which is a well manufactured airsoft pistol that incorporates the new manufacturing standards over at VFC. It fits nicely into my Kydex Holster NLD LowRiderLT Holster which is specifically made for the M17/M18 P320 pistol, offering you a RMR ready cut and weaponlight option for the Surefire X300 Series.

The boomstick of choice when it comes down to GBBRs is no other then the VFC BCMAIR MCMR 11,5″. This rifle is pure fun and quality. If you like to have it “as real as it gets” to create a modern gunfighter look, the MCMR is your go to rifle! I’ll talk more in detail about it soon here too. Stay tuned for that review…

I gave mine some fine accessories not “just” because they look cool, they also work well with it too to sent down BBs on point either day or night. If you want to see this boomstick in all its glory, you might be interested in read this article about it.

There’s some more gear to see but I won’t go all into details and let the pictures speak for themselves but I guess you spotted them already. I simply drop them in the list below for you. I hope you enjoyed this Desert Night Camo & MC Arid Kit mix idea! If so or you have some other topics in mind, please write them in the comments section below.


DNC Windrunner Shirt 

MC ARID Style Crye Pants

MC ARID Trucker Hat

TT Plate Carrier QR/LC

Mechanix Wear Gloves

Mechanix Glove Clip


DISCO32 Broadband 13″ Blade Antenna 

LowRiderLT Holster 


Trijicon RMR 

Surefire X300U



Geiselle Super Precision Scope Mount

PTS Griffin ArmamentModular Back Up Iron Sight Set


Surefire Mini Scout Light

Surefire WARDEN Replica

Unity Tactical HOT BUTTON

Salomon Forces Quest 4D GTX

K:DS 2C|1H Patch

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