Welcome the new Delta ComPac Winter Jacket from UF PRO

Autumn is here and winter is around the corner too so what better time of the year to get geard-up for the cold as now! Just in time for the season, the good people at UF PRO brought another “cold weather jacket” into their line of Delta Jackets to life. The Delta ComPac Jacket.

We at AMNB got early access to this new garment from the smithy of UF PRO (thanks to the good folks over at Triple Action) and we’re happy to show you some first-hand pictures out of the studio in its natural habitat.

I’m pretty sure that most of you guys have seen the teaser article last week already and got a bit excited about this jacket release which is for sure another “worth the money” product if you count on quality like I do!


Feather-light, packable and reliable cold weather protection

That’s what the Delta ComPac stands for. At only 850gr. (as measured on ours size L) this jacket weights almost nothing, thanks to the G-Loft thermal insulation material which comes at only 110gr./m2.

Beside the G-Loft material, UF PRO added 100% nylon for the face fabric and the fleece is made of 100% polyester keeping everything as lightweight as possible for you, but at the same time, offering top notch protection against the frosty weather, such as cold wind and heavy snow fall!

Is it waterproof you’ll ask? The ComPacs face fabric is constructed to be water-repellant and windproof, which allows you to terrain comfort and stay protected against the elements during the winter season of the year. To get the best combination and protection against rain, I’ll suggest you to gear-up with the Monsoon line as an additional layer.

Due to its material combination, the Delta ComPac Jacket can be highly compressed into its inner pocket and stored away in you backpack without taking much space at all but still keep it in reach when needed. A big benefit when it comes down to size management in your pack which is of course (depending on your mission) limited!

As seen here, I got to transport it in a 30l backpack so you get a better feeling about its size and space it takes.

Compressed and stowed in its inner pocket, it takes up a space of just 30x15x5cm (2.25 liters). Converted in the English measurement system, that works out to 10x4x2 inches (0.5 liquid gallons).

Another benefit from the G-Loft material just in case you don’t know about; G-Loft is a syntactic fiber that keeps on insulating you doesn’t matter if rain or snow gets it wet.

It also recovers itself quickly after many repeated compressions. It’s just an extraordinarily compressible thermal-insulation material and that’s why the clothing industry and myself love it!

As the ComPac is a jacket from the Delta line at UF PRO, it means it is a clothing system designed for protection against very cold weather. Therefore, the ComPac Jackets workspace is suitable for temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius!

As its outer shell is not as durable as the one from the Delta OL for example, the ComPac is originally designed as a “Mid-Layer” Jacket but can be worn as an outer layer or standalone if you like to. Just keep in mind that it withstands hard use or tough vegetation you’re going through not that long and so it gets damaged much faster!


“Less is more” that’s what the Delta ComPac Jacket stands for too. UF PRO usually offers a well-thought-out pocket configuration system on their garments, providing you maximum of storage capacity. Not so on the ComPac Jacket.

The reason is simple. As for a Mid-Layer you usually don’t need that much pockets. UF PRO focused on just adding the “essential” pockets which are two insulated pockets for your hands, the large inner pocket for packing the jacket “or additional gear” and the Velcro cover on both upper arms including their pen pocket in the center. That’s it.

Tbh, I do miss a small chest pocket for keeping your Phone or similar small items in reach and of course the upper arm pockets under the Velcro cover. As seen form the standalone point of view, I always enjoy these pockets. But maybe that’s just me and the time using this jacket will prove me, … I’m wrong.


The ComPac Jacket features UF PROs unique, highly comfortable and fully detachable Hood/Harness system that you know from other jackets such as the Stealth Smoke or the Monsoon Jacket for example. The system is new to the Delta Jacket line and the ComPac is the first one which has it for now.

I think that we can expect to see it soon in all Delta Jackets too.

The first time you put the jacket on, go and adjust its Hood/Harness system to your head size.

After that, the hood will flawlessly follow your head and neck movements, boosting your ability to enjoy unobstructed view as you raise, lower, and swivel your hooded head to see what’s going on around you. Once adjusted, its ready every time you need it then.

In case of strong winds, you can additionally fix the hood into position using its width regulators.

If you don’t want to use it, no problem. The Hood/Harness System is completely detachable as it runs itself on Velcro panels inside the hood. Furthermore, the hood is completely insulated as well keeping your head warm once packed up in it.


The Delta ComPac Jacket offers you a waist adjuster to tighten it up to your preferences if needed. They are easy to reach even while wearing gloves.

The elastic cuffs around the wrist area provide a good, strong fit and also supports to keep the warmth inside the sleeve.


The first time I put that jacket on I was like; yeah! UF PRO did it again. I mean, it’s not a secret, I am a UF PRO gear addicted person and I like their stuff a lot. But why is it so? Because they know their work very well and you can trust on the performance their products pull out. Regardless the field of application.

The Delta ComPac Jacket fits nicely and due to its lightweight design, it almost feels like nothing on you. As we’re facing the real cold weather season ahead of us here in central Europe, I can’t honestly tell you about the performance when temperatures drop below zero for now. The testing on my end just started and I’ll keep you guys updated during the winter season for sure.

But for the time I got to use it the past week at temperatures around 2-8 degrees, wearing only a t-shirt underneath, I’m more than happy how it turned out so far.

Got interested about what you just read? Want to try it out yourself? Then head over to Triple Action if you’re in central Europe. They just stocked it in sizes from XS up to 3XL in both colors Brown Grey and Black. Available in store and online!

Grab yours here:

Central Europe >> www.tripleaction.de/uf-pro

Inernational >> www.ufpro.com/tactical-jackets

More shop news from Triple Action on our blog, can be found here!



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