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Ever wanted to upgrade an Airsoft gun without messing with the internals?

Ever thought that Green Gas guns would operate with anything else than Green Gas? Well it seems that some WE models will do just that!

WE Airsoft have an easy, one step process to get you GBB gun shooting hard and loud with only the change of a magazine! Providing that you have one of their Big Bird or Little Bird Gas Blow Back pistols of course!

Before you go off like crazy and start trying CO2 or any other gas on your Green Gas gun, please contact WE or your gun manufacturer first so that you don’t have any nasty surprises since CO2 is a bit more powerful that Green Gas!



At first the magazine seems just like any other Green Gas mag, except for the base plate which unlike traditional GG mags, has no holes in it. Just the WE logo.

So in order to insert the small CO2 bottle, you must first remove the base plate, and then unscrew the small metal cap with an Allen wrench or a large screwdriver. Once you’ve done this, you can insert the gas bottle into the small cylindrical compartment, screw the metal plate back on and insert the bottom plate back on.

With this done, just load up your magazine and you’re ready to go!


Kick and power!

Instantly you’ll notice the sheer power that CO2 has over GG, and you’ll definitely feel a muchstronger kick from you gun. So every single shot is now much more fun and rewarding!!


Even the sound produced by my GBB is much louder than it was, and this adds to the realism and fun.

This also translates into some very interesting FPS gain: around 50 more FPS than the normal Green Gas mags!! If my Little bird was doing around 250-260fps with the green gas mag, now it’s doing somewhere in the vicinity of 300fps! So that’s a considerable gain with only a mag change!


The best thing is that you can use both mags in one game, and when the GG mag is being used your GBB is being lubricated, so that you can use the CO2 mag without any issues. Or you can use only CO2 mags, but here you mustn’t forget to lubricate you gun at least after every game, depending on how many rounds you put down the barrel. The increase of FPS also allows for the bb’s to travel more distance however they don’t get more accurate So if you want more precision, you should consider at least getting some heavier bb’s.

Also CO2 will perform better in cold weather conditions, so during winter your gun will perform better on CO2 magazines.


To me it’s great to be able to have both Green Gas and CO2 mags working on the same gun. The way I using them right now is I’ll go through the CO2 mag first since it’s the one with more fun and power, and once this is depleted I’ll just load up the Green Gas one which will lubricate the gun and still give me a few more shots whenever I need it! To be able to have a second mag is great and most WE guns come out of the box with two mags. But if you’re looking for a third or fourth mag, then you should consider CO2 mags, since the gain in FPS, kick and sound is just what any Airsofter wants for a gun upgrade.


• Stronger Blow Back when compared with Green Gas

• Louder sound produced by the gas system and gun thanks to the power of the CO2

• Increase of 50fps or more!



• You’ll have to lubricate your gun more often


If you´re interested in WEs Little Bird GBB pistol, read a review over at Popular Airsoft here:



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