What the heck is a Burnsed Socket?

The Burnsed Socket conveniently attaches to the buttstock end of your sling allowing you to convert from a 2-point to a 1-point sling on the fly. 

Burnsed Socket

The Burnsed Socket™ was designed in 2005 as a key piece of hardware for the patented SOC-C™ Sling, which allows for 1 to 2 to 3 point convertible sling. 

Burnsed Socket

Simply slide the Burnsed Socket onto the rear of the sling toward the rear receiver or typical single point sling location then detach the forward push button swivel from the front of the weapon and attach to the Burnsed Socket.

Added versatility for under $20. Why wouldn’t you pick one up?

Grab yours >> www.blueforcegear.com

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