TACPULL – A solid/lightweight Zipper Pull replacement

We came across some TACPULLs from Ventum Gear lately. Designed to replace the original Zipper Pulls from your bag, jacket, pouch or just basically everything that owns a Zipper/Zipper Pull.

Made of CORDURA® Laminat, The TACPULLs are laser cut, weight almost nothing, look way cooler and provide you a quicker and better grip as regular Zipper Pulls do. Another benefit, they also reduce the typical sound of a shaking Zipper while you on the move what can become a benefit on the job if you need to be on the silent side… shhh!

There’re basically two types of application

No.1: As seen in the picture on top, I just removed the “cord” from the Zipper Pull and left the metal piece behind. The easiest & quickest way of course. This variation will not eliminate the shaking sound (what a surprise) but gives you the benefit of a more solid grip of course. I added this variation to my wallet and it works pretty well for me.

No.2: You get rid of the whole Zipper Pull. As you can see, the metal piece (like on the wallet) is already not existed. If so, cut it away! Remove everything and let just the Zipper and its locking mechanism behind.

Get your TACPULL threaded in, and you’re good to go. No Zipper noice from now on!

The TACPULL from Ventum Gear provides you a solid and quick access to your Zipper, doesn’t matter if you need to open pouches, Jackets or Backpacks, all becomes a very easier process from now on. A small piece of gear with an BIG impact from my point of view.

TACPULLs are available in many colors and meanings on it like the once in Red with the Cross in it to identify medical gear on your carrier, rig or backpack in no time. Starting at 1,95€ (one piece), this isn’t too much for a lets call it “gearheck” that improves your Zipper Pull significantly.

Check out all TACPULLs at Ventums website.

Grab it here >> www.ventumgear.com