Welcome the TT COMPANION 30

The TT Companion 30 is a lightweight, functional daypack with a 30 liter capacity. Its discreet, unobtrusive design makes the top-loader suitable for both civilian use and covert operations. This back comes out of the Tasmanian Tiger 2022 novelty line and here’s a closer look at it for you.

The TT Companion has a contact back made of a non-reinforced, lightweight, technical foam that flexibly adapts to the contour of the back. The shoulder straps can be fixed with an adjustable chest belt. If required, the backpack can be supplemented with a hip belt (not included).

Our friends from ePIG Group got their hands on it already and here’s a detailed look at it for you. Check it out!

Grab yours here >> www.tripleaction.de/tasmanian-tiger

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