Everyone likes a good list! Here is a list of the Top 12 Airsoft Guns for Beginners starting Airsoft in 2021.

To start, let’s understand what airsoft is and how is it played. Airsoft is an action sport that uses replica firearms or airsoft guns to engage targets or an opponent. That is to say, airsoft allows you to live out your fantasy of being a soldier or competitive shooter without using real firearms. To sum it up, some say it’s glorified “LARP-ing” (Live Action Role Play) while others consider it a sport!

No matter what you consider airsoft to be, our airsoft gun is going to be its heart and soul. Therefore, let’s start by diving into some of the most popular types of airsoft guns. Firstly, let’s begin with gun type. You can break down the different types into airsoft rifles, airsoft snipers, airsoft shotguns, and airsoft pistols. Secondly, you can break them down into their different platforms such as electric (AEG), Gas, or HPA (High Pressured Air). Depending on your interest, your choices and play style will revolve around these airsoft guns. Finally, this being a airsoft gun beginners guide, we will recommend what is best for anyone starting!

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