UF PRO to Debut Striker ULT Combat Pants Next Month—Garment has Same Characteristics as U.S. Army Improved Hot Weather Uniform

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (18 May 2021)—UF PRO today announced it will begin selling its new Striker ULT Combat Pants on 10 June. Weighing less than a kilogram, Striker ULT offers excellent durability, breathability, and quick-drying characteristics while maintaining low weight, the company said.

Striker ULT Combat Pants

“We built the Striker ULT from the ground up with one objective in mind: to maximise the performance and comfort of those who wear it, whether they’re engaged in operations in a hot desert, tropical environments, or right here in temperate Europe,” said Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development.

“To help us achieve that objective, we use NyCo Extreme as our base material,” Wagner continued. “NyCo Extreme is a nylon-cotton ripstop fabric 17 percent lighter than regular NyCo. It also resists tears three times better, has 10 times greater breathability, and dries 35 percent faster.”

Striker ULT Combat Pants

A unique feature of the Striker ULT Combat Pants is their new Waist/Flex System. According to Wagner, this system keeps the pants properly fitted to the wearer’s body.

The Waist/Flex system—made with Schoeller-dynamic stretch panels—includes an integrated under-belt (with space for the wearer’s unit insignia). “Waist/Flex System’s midsection is plastic-reinforced, button-secured, and adjustable to prevent upward shifting of the under-belt, even if a heavily laden battle belt is worn atop it,” Wagner indicated.

Striker ULT Combat Pants

The likelihood of the Striker ULT Combat Pants developing folds or sliding down along the hips is virtually null owing to air/pac® pads inserted at the rear of the waist, he noted.

“The pads create adhesion where the body curves in, so the pants stay right where they’re supposed to as the wearer moves about,” Wagner explained. “Without the pads, there would be a gap between the pants and the wearer’s lower back—and the presence of that gap is what would allow the pants to slide down.”

Wagner contended that the Waist/Flex System not only makes a direct, significant contribution to the wearer’s performance in the field, but also increases comfort.

Comfort is enhanced in other ways too, Wagner assured. One is by means of strategically located vents.

Striker ULT Combat Pants

“The NyCo Extreme material by itself is very breathable, but there will be times when they’ll want to bring more airflow inside the pants to further counter the heat,” said Wagner. “So we designed our Striker ULT Combat Pants with operable vents in the side pockets and lower legs.”

Wagner said there are a total of six side-pockets stitched into the pants. Each is ultra-large, which permits the wearer to carry sizable additional gear along on the mission.

Striker ULT Combat Pants

“So that the gear carried in the pockets doesn’t shift around inside, each pocket comes with a bungee cord along the upper edge, plus additional elastic bands inside,” he revealed. “The pockets have a sealable flap secured with Canadian rubber buttons. We’ll be including an easy-to-use kit for wearers who want to replace the buttons with hook-and-loop strips. As well, the pockets feature a vertical zipper that makes gear retrieval simple and fast from a kneeling position.”

Striker ULT Combat Pants

Another key feature of the Striker ULT Combat Pants is their built-in knee pockets. These pockets hold UF PRO’s battle-proven, knee-protection system that allows wearers to shield knees from either impacts or sharp objects, Wagner said.

Striker ULT Combat Pants

The knees of the pants are adjustable, he added. “This lets wearers calibrate the pants to the shape of their body. Also, the interior around the knees is lined with moisture-wicking 37.5™ technology material to draw away sweat.”

Striker ULT Combat Pants

The new Striker ULT Combat Pants also include boot hooks. “The boot hooks are attached to the bottom of each leg,” he explained. “When you connect the laces of your boots to these hooks, the pants stay put.”

Once the Striker ULT Combat Pants become available for purchase, buyers will be able to obtain them in two colors—Brown Grey or MultiCam.

The pants are expected to be priced at €239 per pair, said Wagner.

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