We´re going loud & bright in this overview of two TAGInn products

Every player should add some TAGInn stuff to his kit at some day. At least those of you playing MilSim scenarios a lot will get the benefit out of it. This time, we´re looking at the TAGInn AFG-6 and FBG-6 Grenade.


Starting with the FBG-6, it is designed to attract the enemies’ attention, or to disable them for a short period of time in order to breach their defense without “knocking out” anyone in the room. That makes it a perfect tool for example “hostage rescue missions” just to name one scenario. The output of 140db gives you the effect you´re looking for when throwing a Flash Bang.

It may also be used as a frag grenade simulator where fragmentation projectiles are not allowed on your field and/or you don´t want to harm someone.

Like on the real deal, the grenade will not detonate if you just pull out the pin – but 3.5 seconds after you release the safety lever, it goes off. It´s that simple.

All parts including the safety lever are made of extremely safe polyurethane material and can’t harm anyone who´s properly equipped with the needed safety gear for the game or training.

The FBG-6 fits all common available Grenade/Smoke Grenade pouches due to its 1:1 design. As seen here, with a Tasmanian Tiger Smoke Grenade Pouch. The replica only weights about 80g which is very light weight compared to the real thing. If you´re scared of this and think you´re maybe not able to throw it far enough, KEEP CALM! It will reach your target area for sure.


A bit short but thicker, this Grenade offers almost the same features as the FBG-6 does but with an extra kick. It is filled with dried peas and it’s made of foamed polyurethane with a cardboard body that brings you the benefit of fragmentation to really hit your target. Talking about fragmentation, up to 15m is possible with this bad boy. As it´s slightly heavier as the FBG-6 with 115g, a good reach is possible while throwing it on targets a bit farther away.

Like the FBG-6, the grenade will not detonate if you just pull the pin out. But 3.5 seconds after you release the safety lever too, it goes off in full effect.

Due to its compact design, it also fits into all common Smoke Grenade Pouches or similar once available on the market. “Store it your way”

The fun/training effect as well realism of these TAGInn products are 100% guaranteed. Of course, they are a bit more expensive than other pyrotechnical devices on the market but they won’t look and perform like these do. If you don´t run the “I want to hold my wallet tight” way, TAGInn should be your choice. I enjoy them every time I use it for training or gameplay because I like it – as real as it gets!

IMPORTANT! – This is a pyrotechnical device. Always wear eye protection! Make sure that the use of this product is allowed in your country. Talking about countries and legality, TAGInn products are certificated in the European Union, the Eurasian Union and the United States.

Got your interest? Check the links below. Any questions? Drop them in the comment section right under this article. Cheers

TAGInn Germany >> www.paintballsports.de/tactical-game-innovations

TAGInn >> http://airsoftpyrotechnics.com


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