Upgrade your P365 Pistol

This is the new Strike Enhanced Grip Module for P365 FCUs which is now available and shipping! If you’ve been tired of the OEM SIG grip that came with your P365 we’ve got just the thing for you. The Strike Enhanced Grip Module works with all P365 FCU’s including manual safety versions as well!

Strike Enhanced Grip Module SIG P365

At this time, ALL pre-orders HAVE BEEN FULFILLED. Below you’ll find our most frequently asked questions regarding compatibility of this grip:

Q: Will it fit pre-existing holsters?
A: Some may fit if you have a weapon mounted light, we are working with Hilliker Holster to provide a custom holster option for our customers.

Q: Will this accept P365 manual safety FCUs?
A: Yes, the grip has a cut-out area marked on both sides for users to snip, dremel, or file down this section.

Q: Will this work with the CA model?
A: Yes, the manual safety FCU model is compatible and not an issue. To clarify, this grip module requires modification to fit both the manual safety models and the CA model which includes a mag disconnect.

Q: Will this work with 10rd magazines?
A: YES! You can use the P365X/XL Micro Compact 10rd magazine to fit flush with our grip module.

Q: Is this the XL?
A: Yes, this is based off the Sig ‘X/XL’ style grip.

Q: Any plans for an XL or Macro version? What about the P320?
A: Yes! But this grip module can also accept the XMacro and XMacro Tac Ops slides. The dust cover fits perfectly with no gap in between.

Q: What mags fit flush w/ this grip module?
A: Other than the 10rd X/XL mag mentioned above, the 12rd mag can also sit flush it just depends on which mag base extension you have on it (Sig makes several). Note that 15rd and 17rd mags will always stick out.

Q: What lights fit on this?
A: In terms of compatibility, so far only the SureFire XSC-B and the Olight PL Mini 2 ‘Valkyrie’ and ‘Baldr’ perfectly fit our grip module. If you do buy an XSC, do not buy the ‘A’ model as that one is designed for the OEM Sig grip modules. The Streamlight TLR-7A and 7X does not reliably fit.

Q: Will this work with .380 FCUs?
A: Yes, this should work with P365 FCUs chambered in .380. All you need to do is acquire the correct recoil spring assembly, barrel and magazine for that and you’d be good. There are also 12rd .380 P365 mags pinned to 10rds for those in restricted states.

Strike Enhanced Grip Module SIG P365

On the left you can see what it looks like when using a flush 12rd mag. On the right you can see a P365 outfitted with a 15rd mag. The FDE setup also includes our Strike MRDS optic plate adapter. 

Strike Enhanced Grip Module SIG P365

The P365 Strike Enhanced Grip Module is compatible with manual safety FCU’s. However, this requires modification and some fitment may be required. The cut-out areas are marked and outlined as a guide. Depending on the generation of FCU, the safety cut-out area may need to be larger than the guideline provided. 

MRDS Adapter Plater

Equipped with Holosun 507C X2 ACSS. Using our MRDS Adapter Plater you can use over 30+ red dot sights!

Strike LITESlide for P365

The Strike LITESlide for P365 comes in Blackline and FDEline. It features forward serrations, ported windows for those that want to run ported barrels, and a mini charging handle on both sides towards the rear to help with ease of racking your slide. 

Grab yours >> www.strikeindustries.com


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