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The Liberator® Series of headsets from Safariland offers adaptive suspension technology allowing you to easily change between different wearable configurations depending on application and comfort.

The Helmet Mount headset suspension system mounts to the helmet rails, with the capability to quickly transition to Over-the-Head or Behind-the-Head when not wearing a helmet.

Liberator Suspension Kit

The Over-the-Head (OTH) suspension system has a single, padded headband that is adjustable for different head sizes. This suspension system is used without a helmet and is comfortable to wear with hats and baseball caps.

Liberator Suspension Kit

The Behind-the-Head (BTH) suspension system is highly adjustable and provides excellent stability during vigorous activities. Behind-the-Head was designed to provide enhanced comfort under ballistic helmets, including various conventional and “high-cut” helmet systems without mounting to helmet rails. BTH is the best option for additional stability or for using ballistic helmets without an interface for rails.

NOTE: For use with Liberator HP 2.0, Liberator IV, and Liberator V models manufactured after 2/2021

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