Did you ever used a Shoulder Holster?

Holsters, you can’t have enough of them. Different carry options, guns and ways you want to carry as a real steel shooter or for airsoft gameplay reasons. Having just one limits your flexibility and you should always have a backup in the toolbox whether it’s drop-leg, IWB, OWB or in this case right here shoulder.

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

Our friends at Craft Holsters are well known in the industry for their quality holsters, doesn’t matter if it’s Kydex, Nylon or Leather. I run several of theirs for a couple of years now since our ways crossed and yes, I’m satisfied when it comes down to quality, workmanship and usability. Their customer service is outstanding too and always oriented towards you to make you satisfied with your purchase!

Today we have a leather holster from their line-up up for an overview which I mostly use for LARPing events as it has that kind of a “blast from the past” or “retro-look” to it and it’s just cool if you’re digging that kind of a look. A Leather Shoulder Holster with mag pouches.

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

This particular hand-made shoulder holster system is a result of the diligent work of their craftsmen. Its best features are the glove-like fit for the gun, great balance and stability, comfort of carry, and a convenient draw/reholstering.

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

This shoulder rig consists of the main shoulder holster part, cross-shoulder harness, and magazine pouch (for pistols) or speedloader pouch (for revolvers) serving as counterbalance.

The system also comes with removable belt tie-down straps that increase the stability of the rig even more and stops it from flying around while on the move.

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

The shoulder holster and magazine/speedloader pouch are fully made of the finest Italian cowhide and all the important parts of the system are sewn together by high-quality German threads.

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

This shoulder holster system is mainly meant for horizontal shoulder carry. However, a great feature of this shoulder rig is that it can function as a very solid belt holster too.

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

The back side of the main holster body features 2 belt slots and a belt panel. Just detach the holster from the harness, select the slots through which you want to run your belt through and enjoy 2 additional carry positions.

The belt slots are designed to fit a 1.5’’ wide belt. Great modularity as you basically get two holsters in one package!

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

When carried as a shoulder holster, the harness is adjustable up to the XL size, but you can ask them for the harness customization in case you are of a bigger build. “Remember the service I talked about at the beginning”.

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

The shoulder holster comes with a steel-reinforced thumb break strap for increased retention. As the strap is reinforced by steel, it will retain its shape and function over many years of use.

This shoulder holster system comes in two different colors – mahogany and black as you would like to choose it. I dig the mahogany look as it looks a bit more classy to me. The system is also available in both right and left-handed versions.

Moreover, this custom leather shoulder holster comes entirely assembled. If you decide to use it as a belt holster, do not worry as detaching the holster from the harness is extremely easy as you will find out.

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

Harness customization option – By default, the shoulder harness is adjustable up to the XL size (47’’ chest circumference, 24’’ top shoulder to waist length).

In case you need a bigger harness, just enter your request with your measurements in the “your note” field when placing your order at their site. The good people at Craft Holsters make it work for you!

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

Craft Holsters also offer a Premium Holsters Care Kit which is designed specifically for leather holster’s break-in, care and subsequent maintenance. It includes everything you need to make your holster last as long as possible and retain its original quality.

This care kit will take care of the occasional scratches on your leather holster and it will slow down and repair any damage your holster might suffer over the years of constant use.

In case you don’t need the Premium Kit, Craft also offer a Small Break-In Kit offering only the essentials you need to take care of your holster. Have it your way!

Leather Shoulder Holster Craft Holsters

Got excited about a cool looking retro leather shoulder holster? Then head straight over to their website and have a look through the line-up the company has to offer for you. I bet you will be pleased and find a model that suits you.

Craft Holsters Web >> www.craftholsters.com

More product news from Craft Holsters on our blog, can be found here!

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