Raptors Airsoft is the exclusive USA distributor of TerminusX Airsoft. Visit our Wholesale Airsoft page to find out more information about our wholesale program and to apply for a dealer account.

About TerminusX Airsoft
TerminusX parts are NOT made in china, like most other brands. TerminusX parts are made by hand in the Philippines by one man. Because of this, they are the highest possibly quality. These parts are not just reliable, but they are high performance. TerminusX traveled were no airsoft brand has gone before. Their cutting edge products such as a 58,000 rpm motor, Tungsten Carbide Bushings, and a motor capable of pulling an M190 spring on 10:1 gears blow their competition away.




We strive for excellence in customer service. All orders ship within one business day (often times the same day) using USPS priority mail. Our website allows for easy ordering. Just login, add items to cart, checkout, and track your orders. We also have knowledgeable customer service reps on hand to help you with order issues, questions about products, or anything else.

Become A Dealer: To become a dealer, simply fill out our wholesale application and we will approve your account within one business day.



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